World Cup: Germany Moves Safely Into the World Cup Quarter-finals

The German national hockey team is in the World Cup quarterfinals. In the crossover game against France, national coach André Henning’s team clearly won 5:1. In the quarter-finals, the German team expects the selection from England, who are also unbeaten. The quarter-finals will take place on Wednesday (January 25, 2023) at 2:30 p.m. German time.

Goal scorers: Marco Miltkau (15th minute), Niklas Wellen (19th minute), Mats Grambusch (24th minute), Moritz Trompertz (25th minute), Goyet (58th minute), Gonzalo Peillat (60th minute)

Photo credits: WSP/Frank Uijlenbroek

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Late goal in the first quarter
The Honamas started with offensive hockey and possession was theirs. After almost two minutes there was the first penalty corner for the team of national coach André Henning. Peillat took the shot, but the French successfully defended it. As in the group games, Germany played with a compact and withdrawn defense against the build-up of France. In the seventh minute, France received their first penalty corner, which they shot wide of the goal to the left. There were circle entries on both sides in the first 15 minutes, with slight advantages for the German team. But there were no major opportunities for the time being. Shortly before the end of the first 15 minutes, Marco Miltkau was the first to get the ball after a cross from Tom Grambusch. 

Germany caught France cold
The second 15 minutes was full throttle. Shortly after the restart, Moritz Trompertz had a huge chance that just missed the goal. In the 19th minute, France got into another counterattack, which Germany used coldly. Thies Prinz passed the ball to Niklas Wellen and the new dad increased it to 2-0. Germany was in full focus at this point and didn’t let the French get into the game; and that was also reflected in the result. In the 24th minute, captain Mats Grambusch shot the ball into the goal after a rebound and the Honamas took a 3-0 lead. France hit it hard. Germany kept up the pressure and a minute later the doorbell rang again in the French box. After a penalty corner, Moritz Trompertz ran to the trigger and scored to make it 4-0.

67% Possession – Honamas don’t
miss a beat The Honamas dominated the game for the most part in the second half. In the 34th minute she received the next penalty corner. A lot of things went right in the game, but the number of penalty corners could be improved. Tom Grambusch shot past the right post. Alexander Stadler still had nothing to do, because Germany were outstanding defensively, so there were no chances for France. Another penalty corner 20 seconds before the end of the third quarter hit again next to the goal and so it was 4:0 in the last part of the game. 

Germany is playing into the World Cup quarter-finals
The last 15 minutes of the game started with the best opportunity for France’s hockey players. A volley shot just missed the German goal. And even after that they kept coming back to circle scenes, which Germany always defended. The game slowed down a bit overall and both teams already knew who would be the winner. Just under three minutes before the final whistle there was a second penalty corner for France, which resulted in a new intermediate score of 4:1. Goyet shortened. Gonzalo Peillat made it 5-1 with a penalty corner. Germany won and is in the quarterfinals against England.

Photo credits: WSP/Frank Uijlenbroeck

Comments on the game:

André Henning, national coach:
“Today the lads were extremely keen to play a decisive game and, under the high pressure in the first half, put in one of the best performances of the year. That speaks for the mental strength of this team. In the second half we managed the match smartly and saved energy for the quarter-finals. A strong start to the hot phase of the tournament.”

Alexander Stadler, TW:
“We started very well, which was difficult for us in the previous games. The offensive hockey we showed was strong and we started scoring immediately. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep that up in the second half, but that was also due to the strong French who gave their last shirts. Towards the end we got a little hectic in the back because we didn’t quite keep to ourselves. Overall, we played the game well and won thanks to a good team effort.”

More statistics and data can be found here.

These players were used for Germany: 

1STADLER Alexander (GC)
2MUELLER Mathias
9WAVES Niklas
11PRINCE Thies
16PEILLAT Gonzalo
17STIR Christopher
19WEIGAND Justus
23ZWICKER Martin
25MUELLER Hannes
27ORUZ Timur
74DANNEBERG Jean-Paul (GC)

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