World Cup: Argentina Show Penalty Corner Power

Argentina v South Korea 4-0

Argentina scored four times from five penalty corners. That penalty corner efficiency gave the two-time world champion and the biggest challenger of the Orange Women the big 4-0 victory over South Korea over the next two weeks in the battle for the world title.

TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands Argentina v Korea (Pool C) Picture: Julieta Jankunas scored 4-0. Maria-Jose Granatto Sofia Toccalino WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

The Argentinian team got off to a good start. The first attack with a combination between Agustina Albetarrio and Maria Granatto, who will play for Bloemendaal next season, immediately resulted in a penalty corner, which was cashed in by Agustina Gorzelany. Just before half time, the top scorer of the Pro League season doubled the score by pushing again from the top of the circle after Victoria Granatto earned the second Argentine penalty corner.

Las Leonas had the game under control, but got away well after the 1-0. Sloppy loss of the ball was punished almost twice by the countering South Koreans. Seona Kim shot into the crossbar and Argentinian goalkeeper Belen Succi had to get out of the goal to avoid a South Korean goal.

It was actually the two most dangerous moments of South Koreans, who conceded another goal six seconds before the halftime signal. The Argentinian bet of the head of the circle was initially turned, after which the ball ended up in front of the stick of Victoria Granatto who scored the third goal from close range.

TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands Argentina v Korea (Pool C) Picture: Agustina Gorzelany scored 2-0. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Argentina remained the dominant party after the break and the pressure on the South Korean defense increased more and more. It first led to a green card for Yujin Ji and then a yellow card for Hyunji Kim. Argentina exploited that advantage. Again it was hit from a penalty corner. Julieta Jankunas, who played for Victoria last season, reacted attentively to the rebound after Gorzelany’s corner.

The Argentine ladies therefore had a great start to the World Cup and also took over the number 1 position in the group from host country Spain, which defeated Canada 4-1 on Friday.

Argentina-South Korea 4-0 (3-0)
2.Agustina Gorzelany 1-0 (sc)
28.Agustina Gorzelany 2-0 (sc)
30.Victoria Granatto 3-0 (sc)
39.Julieta Jankunas 4-0 (sc)

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