Victory in shootout against Spain: Honamas now leader in the FIH Pro League

FIH Pro League Men: Germany – Spain 3:2 n.Sh. (1:1, 0:0)

March 27, 2022

In the men’s FIH Pro League, Germany hosted Spain on Sunday, March 27th. 2,000 fans waited a long time for a goal in the Sparkassenpark Mönchengladbach. The German team dominated the game but only took the lead in the last quarter thanks to a penalty corner goal from Gonzalo Peillat in the 48th minute. Spain equalized shortly before the end of the game to make it 1-1. A penalty shootout followed, which Germany won 3-2.

Despite game control for the German team, no goals in the first half

The second game this weekend started with pressing Spaniards. However, Germany immediately knew how to help themselves with long balls and took the scepter in their hands early in the game. After four minutes, the Honamas had their first chance with a solo on the right by Moritz Ludwig. But this found no buyer in front of the gate. The German team put the Spaniards under pressure from the start and didn’t allow any chances. In the eighth minute, Christopher RĂĽhr shone with a dream solo on the left, which was crowned with a chip ball over goalkeeper Adrian Rafi. However, Marc Reyne saved the ball from the line and prevented a wonderful goal. Even after this big chance, the Spaniards seemed unimaginative and the game mainly took place in their half. In the 10th Minute there was a penalty corner for Germany after an Iberian footplay in the circle. The corner was saved from the line by Ingnacio Rodriguez, as in Saturday’s game. The first quarter ended with the Honamas clearly in the lead – 0-0. 

 Thanks to a lower German team, the Spaniards were able to get into the game better in the second quarter. Nevertheless, the Germans mostly defended well and were able to prevent bigger chances. In the 19th minute, Spain received a penalty corner after a flick of the ball. A first test for debutants Jean Danneberg (Mannheimer SC). After a good save, Martin Zwicker got the ball on his body. The new penalty corner for Spain was saved again in a world class way by Jean Danneberg. Coach Andre Henning’s team gained advantages again in the closing stages of the first half. Two minutes before the end there was another penalty corner after a good action by Malte Hellwig. Spanish goalkeeper Adrian Rafi saved again. Despite good game control, the German team had to go into the dressing room with a 0-0 lead.

Germany continues to dominate, but cannot take the lead over time

Germany started the second half with a goalkeeper change. Jean Danneberg made room for Alexander Stadler. However, the first chance of the second half belonged to the Spaniards, who scored a penalty corner after a foul by Paul Dösch in the 33rd minute. Substitute Alexander Stadler was able to clear the ball in front of the line with the help of Mathias MĂĽller. Spain then stood a little lower and gave the Honamas more space and room to build. Germany was penalized again in the 39th minute for not complying with the five-meter distance rule. Peillat could not use this either. In the next attack, Niklas Wellen pushed through in midfield with a lot of speed and found Moritz Trompertz on the edge of the circle, who only had Adrian Rafi in front of him. But he missed too. The German team now bit their teeth on the Spanish goalkeeper Rafi. A goal for Germany would have been long overdue.

The final quarter began much like the previous quarters. Germany made the game. Still, there were chances for both sides. In the 48th minute there was a penalty corner for the Honamas after a controversial action. Again Gonzalo Peillat stepped up and redeemed the Germans. The deflected ball hit the bottom right corner of the goal. 1-0 for the Honamas and the second goal in the second game for Peillat. After the goal, the course of the game was similar to that on Saturday. The Spaniards increased the pressure and became dangerous. In the 54th minute of the game, the Honamas had to survive two minutes outnumbered. Christopher Ruhr saw the green card. However, the team defended confidently and was able to keep the zero, even with one man less. The game continued to be exciting and heated up. Germany defended their own goal deeply, was able to take a penalty corner, despite video evidence, a minute before the end but not prevent. Stadler parried the corner, which came in the middle of the goal, but was unable to do anything against JosĂ© Basterra’s follow-up shot. Germany was penalized for poorly converting chances and the score was 1-1. A few seconds before the end there was still a huge chance for the Germans, but they missed it. What a bitter final quarter for the Honamas. It went into a penalty shootout. from the Honama perspective. It went into a penalty shootout. from the Honama perspective. It went into a penalty shootout. 

We’re temporarily top of the table, a situation we’ve never had before. That speaks for the fact that we are on the right track in terms of earnings. And of course you can enjoy the position in the sun for the moment 

André Henning, national coach

Stadler secures victory for Germany

Five shooters in red, five shooters in white. The Spaniards started the penalty shootout with their captain Alvaro Iglesias pushing the ball over the line with Argentina’s backhand. Niklas Wellen scored for Germany, followed by Xavier Gispert, who now raised again for Spain. Raphael Hartkopf then equalized for Germany. What followed were two saved penalties by Alexander Stadtler. Thies Prinz met for Germany. Malte Hellwig couldn’t place the first match ball in the goal. Alexander Stadtler also parried Spain’s last penalty and secured the second win for the Honamas this weekend.

With the victory in the shootout against Spain, the German team temporarily took the lead in the FIH Pro League table ahead of India. The German men have collected 17 points after 8 games, but played two games more than the Netherlands and the Argentines. The next games of AndrĂ© Henning’s team in the FIH Pro League will take place on May 4th and 5th in Mönchengladbach.

Comments on the game:

Andre Hennig, national coach

“Basically, we are very satisfied with the strong balance sheet. Five out of a possible six points and, if you can count the last game as a win, the sixth win in a row. We are on a good way. It’s unsatisfactory that we couldn’t win in regular time today, even though we were the better team. Especially in the second half we couldn’t close the sack. We have forgiven many corners. We have to keep working on that so that the rate gets better. We had a lot of control over the game and were so much better that the game should have been decided by a three or four goal difference. The mistake that led to the corner just before the end can happen. Ultimately, we did a great job strategically over the week and used a lot of players. The squad is very broad. We’re temporarily top of the table, a situation we’ve never had before. This suggests that we are on the right track in terms of earnings. And of course you also enjoy the position in the sun for the moment.”

Moritz Ludwig 

“We were dominant, got into the game well and won a lot of balls in our area coverage. The last pass wasn’t always right, which is why we can only make it 1-0 late. There was also the fact that we couldn’t convert a few corners, which is why it’s close in the end and we still get the equaliser, that was bitter. Basically, we were the more dominant team. 

Moritz Trompertz

“I would say it was a mixed game. At the beginning we had a lot of big chances and also corners, which unfortunately we didn’t use. In the end we were punished for some negligence. In the closing stages we played better than yesterday, but still got a goal too many. All in all I’d say it was a good weekend although we must aim to keep Spain at a clearer distance. We have to dominate Spain for 60 minutes if you want to be among the absolute best in the world. There is still a lot to do, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Game details:

Germany vs SpainMarch 27, 2022, SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach, 2,000 spectators
 1st quarter
No goals
2nd quarter
No goals
3rd quarter
No goals
4th quarter
1-0 – Gonzalo Peillat (PC), 48 min
1-1 – José Basterra, 60 min
Shootout (successful shooters)0:1 – Alvaro Íglesias
1:1 – Niklas Wellen
2:1 – Xavier Gispert
2:2 – Raphael Hartkopf
3:2 – Thies Prinz
penalty corners:Germany 7 (1 goal) / Spain 4 (1 goal)Shots on goal
Germany 15 / Spain 6Detailed statistics on deployment times etc. can be found at:https://www.fihproleague.com/matchdetails/15276

The following players were used for Germany: 

1  Alexander Stadler (TW) TSV Mannheim 1999 
2  Mathias Mueller Hamburg Polo Club 1992  
3   Mats Grambusch (C) Red and White Cologne 1992  
5   Linus Mueller Mannheim HC 1999   
7   Jonas Gomoll Berliner HC 1993  
Nicholas waves Pinoke Amstelveen1994 
10   Thies Ole Prinz Red and White Cologne 1998  
17  Christopher Stir Red and White Cologne 1993  
19   Justus Weigand Mannheim HC 2000 
20   Martin Zwicker Berliner HC 1987  
27 Timur Oruz Red and White Cologne 1994  
31Malte HellwigUhlenhorst MĂĽlheim1997
33 Moritz Trompertz Red and White Cologne 1995 
34Raphael HartkopfMannheim HC1998
44 Moritz Ludwig Uhlenhorst MĂĽlheim 2001 
50 Tom Grambusch Red and White Cologne 1995 
74Jean Danneberg (TW)Mannheim HC2002
92 Gonzalo Peillat Mannheim HC 1992 

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