Pro-League: Warmerdam Leads the Orange Squad to a Win Over England With Two Early Goals

The Orange Men have booked their seventh win of the season in the Pro League on Saturday afternoon. Jeroen Delmée’s undefeated team won 3-0 against opponent England. The big man was Pinoké striker Dennis Warmerdam, who scored two goals.

London was the next stop for the Dutch national team in the packed month of June, in which the Orange squad played no fewer than ten Pro League matches. On Friday morning, the selection boarded a plane to England, after the two won home games against Argentina last Wednesday and Thursday.

However, there seemed to be no signs of tired legs. The Netherlands had a lightning start. Perhaps it had to do with the comeback of the eight internationals from Bloemendaal and Pinoké, who had rejoined the selection, after the tight week of rest they got after playing the Dutch National Championships final.

Jorrit Croon gives the ball to Dennis Warmerdam, who then scores from a turn. Photo: Will Palmer/WorldSportPics

Two goals from Warmerdam

After three minutes of hockey, attacker Terrance Pieters put the ball on an English foot. He earned the first penalty corner of the game. From the circle edge, Tim Swaen fired a drag push straight at keeper Oliver Payne, who saved with his glove. But Jorrit Croon picked up the ball on the back line. With a wonderful turn he served attacker Dennis Warmerdam, who promoted his pass to a goal, also with a turn. The Orange therefore led 1-0 early in the game.

Moments later, Thierry Brinkman broke through on the left flank. From the back line, the captain of the Dutch national team returned the ball to Warmerdam, who came in front of two English defenders and cleverly tipped in the 2-0. It was therefore a strong first quarter for the Netherlands, which could also have scored via a shot by Tijmen Reyenga, which went over.

However, the score obscured the way the Orange played. England was the team that largely dominated the game before half-time. That just didn’t lead to many opportunities. With his right foot, keeper Pirmin Blaak prevented a goal on a shot by Stuart Rushmere. Midway through the second quarter, Zach Wallace shot wide. But those were in fact the only two feats of arms of England in the first half, which had to bow deeply to the efficiency of Orange.

Dennis Warmerdam celebrates making the 0-1. Photo: WorldSportPics/Will Palmer

Middendorp had the 3-0 on his stick

Early in the third quarter, England managed to create more danger. The ball landed on Steijn van Heijningen’s feet. With that, the English earned their first penalty corner of the game. The ball went to the English tug Sam Ward. His push was hard, but flew just past the outside of the left post, making it 2-0. When Ward was allowed to fire again from the edge of the circle at the Dutch goal, England’s second penalty corner, he opted for a drag across the ground. It was Blaak’s right foot that saved the day.

With a yellow card to Ward, the English danger ebbed away. Attacker Floris Middendorp – last week one of the six debutants in Orange against Argentina – had the 3-0 on his stick. After a pass from the left, he received the ball at the far post. It was the Orange’s biggest chance in the third quarter, which should definitely have resulted in a goal. But from close range, he shot wide.

Apart from a backhand shot by Thierry Brinkman, the Orange did not create much for a long period. England did have some chances to score a goal. Loss of ball by Jonas de Geus led in a shot by Phil Roper, which was saved by Blaak. A shot from Will Calnan moments later went wide.

Terrance Pieters in duel. Foto: Will Palmer/ Worldsportpics

But eventually England’s resistance came to an end. The number six in the world did not create any serious opportunities in the last minutes of the match. The Netherlands simply stayed upright and went looking for a third goal. Four minutes before the end, Thierry Brinkman gave the ball again from the right flank. The ball went up through keeper Payne. Tjep Hoedemakers then hit him hard against the ropes from above his shoulder, giving the Netherlands a 3-0 lead. It was Hoedemakers’ first goal in the Orange shirt and the last significant moment of the match. Sunday afternoon (4.30 pm) the second of the double confrontation with England awaits the Dutch national team.

England – Netherlands 0-3 (0-2)
3. Dennis Warmerdam 0-1 (sc)
12. Dennis Warmerdam 0-2
56. Tjep Hoedemakers 0-3

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