Pro-League: Bandurak and Payne Shine as England Defeat Germany

FIH Pro League Men: Germany vs. England 0:1 (0:1)

In the game against England, the German national team was the stronger team, but the English team, with Nicholas Bandurak, scored just before the end of the first quarter to make it 0-1. However, the Germans were unable to take advantage of their chances afterwards, and the final score remained 0:1.

The first quarter started evenly and both teams initially tried to set the first pinpricks and play deals. In the 12th minute England put a dangerous cross in front of goal and Nicholas Bandurak only has to hold out the stick after an overtime with a high backhand to block the ball into the goal. With this 0:1 we went into the first quarter break.     

The German men were much more present in the second quarter and worked out more and more circle entries and short corners. But the ball didn’t find its way into the goal. Shortly before the end of the first half, Christopher Rühr saw the green card for playing the ball with his foot. With the last action at half-time, Hannes Müller once again had the greatest chance of the quarter, but the English goalkeeper Oliver Payne saved the ball just before the line. 

The third quarter started evenly again, but with fewer chances for both sides and some turnovers in midfield. In the 41st minute, David Goodfield received a green card – also for playing the ball with his foot. From this point onwards, André Henning’s team was again superior to the English, but did not finish. The score remained at 0:1.

The Honamas continued to chase the 0-1 deficit. In the 50th minute, Mathias Müller got the next green card on the German side. Neither team was pressing at this point and was able to create great opportunities. Five minutes before the end, Mats Grambusch got the next card, but this time yellow. The men’s national team tried a lot, but in the end they couldn’t equalize and it remained 0-1 for England. 

All in all, the German team lost unhappily with 0:1 against England. They have to struggle with their chances, it’s not for nothing that the English goalkeeper was awarded the “Man of the Match” award. 

Comments on the game:

Constantine Staib:

“It certainly wasn’t what we had planned. We have to keep working on our construction sites, especially in a circle and on corner recycling. We struggled into the duels and only showed ambition to score in the last ten minutes. That’s where we start tomorrow and if we go in there with a better attitude and team spirit then we can take three points away from the English.”

Elian Mazkour:

“Today we didn’t start well and made simple mistakes. We had enough chances and corners, tomorrow we should better get into the flow and the game. If we do that, I’m sure we’ll beat the English.”

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