Pro League: Argentinian Women Keep Winning, Menini Scores for Spain

It was a great weekend for the Argentine national teams. In Valencia, the ladies won both matches against Spain, so that the team of national coach Fernando Ferrera kept its hundred percent score in the Pro League. The men took five of the six points to be won against the Spaniards.

The Argentinian ladies are starting to warm up quite a bit in the run-up to the World Cup this summer. Against Spain, which is one of three opponents in the group stage of the tournament, they won 1-0 twice. As a result, Argentina drove competitor India from the first place in the ranking.

In the first game on Saturday, the only goal came after four minutes. It came in the name of Victoria Granatto. A day later, Agustina Albetario scored the winning goal two minutes after the break.

Eugenia Trinchinetti, Sofia Toccalino and Agostina Alonso of Argentina during the Pro League game against Spain in Valencia. Photo: FIH/Vicente Vidal Fernandez

Few goals

The audience in Estadio Betero was also not spoiled with goals among the men. The first mutual encounter also ended in 0-1 for the Argentines. Los Leones exploited a numerical superiority just before the end of the first quarter with a goal from Tomas Domene.

In the second game it was a long wait for goals. Only in the fiftieth minute was there Tilburg player Maico Casella, who tipped Lucas Martinez’s cross into the goal. The Argentinians showed their effectiveness with the goal, as it was only the first real good opportunity of the game for the South Americans.

Argentina could not enjoy the lead for long, because a minute later Joaquin Menini equalized. It was an emotionally charged goal. The player from Rotterdam not only scored his first official goal for Spain, but scored against Argentina, the country with which he became Olympic champion in 2016.

Joaquin Menini scored his first international goal for Spain against Argentina, the country with which he became Olympic champion in 2016. Photo: FIH/Vicente Vidal Fernandez

24 shoot-outs

The 1-1 final score meant that shoot-outs had to decide. In the series, Argentina took a 3-1 lead, but Spain fought back and then suffered another sudden-death. Only after a total of 24 shoot-outs did the decision fall in favor of Argentina, for whom Nicolas Keenan of Klein Zwitserland was successful three times. Menini failed to cash in on both of his attempts.

The Spanish men will play in Valencia in the Pro League against France on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Argentine ladies also come into action. They also play in Valencia. The opponent on both days is China.


Spain – Argentina 0-1
4. Victoria Granatto 0-1

Spain v Argentina 0-1
32. Agustina Albetario 0-1

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Spain v Argentina 0-1
14. Tomas Domene 0-1

Spain – Argentina* 1-1
50. Maico Casella 0-1
51. Joaquin Menini 1-1

*Argentina wins after shoot-outs

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