Germany: UHC Hamburg Secures Last Place in Quarterfinals

On the last match day of the regular season, the final decision is made in the men’s 1st Bundesliga. The UHC Hamburg fights a draw against Uhlenhorst Mülheim and moves into the quarter-finals. Dusseldorf clearly loses and therefore has to fight against relegation in the play-down games. The match reports:

f74f3466 50ba 4e25 b3a3 bb80ba8147a4 500x500 crop 50 50 - Germany: UHC Hamburg Secures Last Place in Quarterfinals - On the last match day of the regular season, the final decision is made in the men's 1st Bundesliga. The UHC Hamburg fights a draw against Uhlenhorst Mülheim and moves into the quarter-finals. Dusseldorf clearly loses and therefore has to fight against relegation in the play-down games. The match reports:


Both the Hamburger Polo Club and the Club an der Alster had already booked their quarter-final ticket before this encounter. For the hosts there was still a chance, if they won and the men of Rot-Weiss Köln slipped up, to take the place at the top of the table.

And the hosts got off to a flying start: Paul Smith gave the Hamburger Polo Club the lead after just two minutes of play (2′). Smith had already scored at 4: 4 in the first leg.

A highly attractive, competitive and worth seeing game developed for the spectators. Up until the 33rd minute, neither team was able to turn one of their chances into a goal. Only in the second half did Kilian Pöhling make it 2-0 for the hosts (33′, KE).

But the club on the Alster did not want to admit defeat in this prestige duel and responded with a penalty corner goal from Maximilian Schnepel (42nd, KE). As if that wasn’t enough, Struan scored Robert Walker straight afterwards to equalize 2:2 (43rd). The Hamburger Polo Club was now forced to act, but was able to celebrate for its part: Hugo Inglis gave the home side the lead again in these turbulent minutes (44th). A goal from Constantin Staib seemed to stop the guests from catching up (50′).

The club on the Alster didn’t give up and were brought back up again by a goal from Lenny Wolbers (56th). In an exciting final phase, the guests were about to catch up again from a two-goal deficit. The last goal of the day was scored by the hosts: Kane Russel confidently converted a seven-metre throw to make it 5:3 (57th).

The Hamburg Polo Club will face Uhlenhorst Mülheim in the quarter-finals, third in Season B. The club on the Alster meanwhile has to deal with second-placed Harvestehuder THC.


While the men of TSV Mannheim Hockey were already firmly in fifth place in the table, the guests from Rot-Weiss Köln still had to fulfill a mandatory task on the last day of the game and defend their first place in the table.

Elian Mazkour, who scored two goals in Cologne’s 9-0 first leg win, gave the visitors the lead in the 23rd minute (23rd). But, even if TSV Mannheim Hockey was able to resist for a long time, there was nothing to be gained against the strong Cologne offensive in the end: Maximilian Siegburg to 0:2 (36th), Tom Grambusch with a seven-meter to 0:3 (43rd) and a little later for the second time Mazkour (47th) entered the scorer list.

The Dutch penalty corner specialist Mink van der Weerden was also successful with a corner and scored Cologne’s fifth goal (52′, KE). With this unchallenged victory, the Cologne team secured their place at the top of the table. Only two points separate them from the pursuer, the Hamburger Polo Club.

The first-placed team from Cologne is now up against UHC Hamburg in the quarter-finals. TSV Mannheim Hockey, on the other hand, has to defend against relegation and meets the bottom of the table in Season B, HTC from Nuremberg.


In a game without any possible impact on the table situation, Berliner HC clearly beats the guests from Frankfurt 7:2.

Berlin got into the game better on home ground and scored a goal worth seeing after a few minutes: Leon Schmidt put the ball behind Adrian Lehmann-Richter, who only had to push in (5th). Berlin, still on the push, consistently played off their superiority: After a mistake in the Frankfurt build-up, they countered purposefully and took a 2-0 lead through Michael Hummel (12th). Shortly before the half-time break, Hummel made it 3-0 with his second goal of the day (27th).

Even after the break, the game was one-sided and clearly in the hands of the hosts, who, in the person of Leon Schmidt, scored their next goal directly (32nd). Captain Paul Dösch with a penalty corner (44′, KE) and Florian Sperling (46′) then even extended Berlin’s lead. Frankfurt only became dangerous in the last quarter and scored goals: Mats Phillippsen (48′) and Tom Blümmel (57′) scored for the guests, Leon Schmidt scored again for Berliner HC (55′).

Berlin can compete with Mannheimer HC in the quarter-finals. Frankfurt plays in the play-down games against the men of Düsseldorfer HC.


In the long-distance duel for the quarter-finals with Düsseldorfer HC, the UHC Hamburg men had the better cards before the game: But although Düsseldorf had to concede twice as many goals as Hamburg in the 15 games played so far, the two teams were only separated by one point in the table – with the advantage for the UHC Hamburg.

And Hamburg got off to a better start: in the tenth minute, Dylan Thomas put the home side ahead with a penalty corner (10′, KE). But the guests from Mülheim were also successful after a penalty corner, Lucas Toscani scored to equalize 1:1 (24th, KE).

In the second period, an open exchange of blows between the two teams developed. Mülheim failed at the post and several times at the strong Hamburg goalkeeper Bretschneider. Also the UHC Hamburg was no longer able to score.  

For Hamburg, the draw against strong Mülheimers can still be seen as a clear success and shows that the upcoming quarter-finals against Rot-Weiss Köln will certainly not be a sure-fire success for the favored team from Cologne. Uhlenhorst Mülheim meets the Hamburger Polo Club in the quarter-finals.


In the clash between the hosts of the Nuremberg HTC and the guests of the Harvestehuder THC from Hamburg, there was still nothing to be gained for the Nuremberg team, which was lower in the table. In the first leg, Nuremberg had to concede a total of ten goals and this Sunday, too, Nuremberg’s HTC had to accept a heavy defeat at their own facility.

HTC from Nuremberg was able to hold back well in the first quarter – only in the 17th minute did the guests from Hamburg score the opening goal through Anton Pöhling (17th), only a little later the 0:2 lead through a penalty corner by Michael Körper ( 21., KE). Since the knot in Hamburg’s attacking game had apparently burst, Nuremberg finally had nothing more to complain about: Harvestehuder THC increased to 0:3 through Nqobile Mansuet Ntuli, via Paul Glander (27th) and Tobias Hauke ​​even to 0:5 (27th minute). ) for a break.

Broken by the numerous goals conceded, there was nothing more to get for HTC from Nuremberg in the second half. But Benjamin Howarth’s team was no longer able to defend themselves either: The guests from Hamburg increased their goals with three more hits from Körper (33′), (37′), (38′, KE) and Xaver Hasun (36′, KE). ), Anton Pöhling (43rd) and Tom Schneider (44th) to 0:11.

Nuremberg is fighting against the threat of relegation in the play-down games. The men of the Nuremberg HTC meet the TSV Mannheim Hockey. With this win, the Harvestehuder THC has secured second place in the B season and can therefore play against the Club an der Alster for entry into the Final Four tournament.


Depending on a mistake by their direct competitor UHC Hamburg, there was still a chance for Düsseldorf to secure a place in the quarter-finals if they won in Mannheim.

But it became clear early on that the Mannheim team would not give up in this home game in order to be able to defend their lead in the table against the competitor from Mülheim. Mannheim presented themselves dominantly, although the opening goal only came after the end of the first quarter: while the penalty corner was saved by corner specialist Peillat, the Düsseldorf goalkeeper had to admit defeat to Raphael Hartkopf’s follow-up shot (15′, KE). And in the last minute of the second quarter, the guests of Düsseldorfer HC suffered another setback – Raphael Hartkopf scored twice and gave Mannheim a 2-0 lead at the break (30′).

Immediately after the half-time break, Mannheim made it 3-0 through Tim Seagon (31st), and only a short time later Gonzalo Peillat scored his 31st goal of the season (35th). The game was already decided at this point, but still had a few goals to offer for the spectators in Mannheim: First Raphael Hartkopf scored again for Mannheimer HC (44′), then Lasse Hartkopf for the guests from Düsseldorf (48′). Paul Zmyslony increased the lead to 6:1 for the hosts in the same minute (48th).

As the first of season B, Mannheimer HC has to deal with Berliner HC in the quarter-finals. Dusseldorf has missed the entry into the quarterfinals due to the defeat and now has to compete against SC Frankfurt 1880 in the play-down games.

Photo: Hockeyliga eV / SportsGallery

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