Germany: Munich in the Quarterfinals, Mülheim Collects Bitter Defeat

On the last regular matchday of the women’s 1st Bundesliga, the Munich SC secures the quarter-final ticket. A home defeat is enough to remain in fourth place in the table, as Mülheim also has to accept a clear defeat against Düsseldorfer HC. The match reports:


htcu dhc 5 500x500 1 - Germany: Munich in the Quarterfinals, Mülheim Collects Bitter Defeat - On the last regular matchday of the women's 1st Bundesliga, the Munich SC secures the quarter-final ticket. A home defeat is enough to remain in fourth place in the table, as Mülheim also has to accept a clear defeat against Düsseldorfer HC. The match reports:

Due to the narrow defeat in the direct duel against the Munich SC last week, the Mülheim women had to hope for support from their neighbours Rot-Weiss Cologne in order to be able to reach the quarter-finals if they won.

 But just like in the 7-0 win in the first leg, Düsseldorf didn’t give the hosts any chance: Düsseldorf took the lead early on today as well. The Mülheim defense missed a long ball through the center of the field and another to Lisa Nolte, who was completely free in the shooting circle, and who somehow got the ball past the Mülheim goalkeeper (3rd). Shortly before the quarter break, the guests followed up, again with a worth seeing pass into the circle again to Lisa Nolte, who, like with the first goal, did not hit the ball properly, but was still able to overcome the Mülheim goalkeeper.

 Düsseldorf continued to be dominant, played powerplay around the Mülheim team and scored again from a shot by Sara Strauss from the edge of the field (19′). And Strauss was allowed to enter the scorer list again (21st). The Mülheim women, now far away from a possible entry into the quarter-finals, were finally unable to withstand the strong offensive of Düsseldorfer HC: Before halftime, Sara Strauss increased her 15th goal in the 16th game to 0:5 ( 27.).

 The picture was similar in the second half of the game: Mülheim had no chance, Düsseldorf was strong in front of goal and Sara Strauss scored a fourth (37th) and a fifth time (47th) that day. Lilly Claire Otten made it 8:0 (56th).

 Table leader Düsseldorf plays its quarter-final duel against the women of Berliner HC. Uhlenhorst Mülheim meets Club Raffelberg in the play-down games.


Through three unbeaten games in a row, with the important home win against Mülheim last week, the Munich team had created the starting situation that a point win against the favored team from Cologne would be enough to make it into the quarter-finals.

 Rot-Weiss Köln presented themselves as uncomfortable opponents, the game seemed fairly balanced in the first quarter, but the guests from Cologne increased the pressure in the second quarter. Cologne was able to create more chances, but often failed because of the strong Munich goalkeeper Selina Müller.

In the second half, the Cologne pressing paid off: Munich delivered their own tee shot directly to the opponent from Cologne and immediately got the goal to make it 0: 1 by Pia Maertens (37th).

 But, although it was also known in Munich that the rivals from Mülheim were clearly behind in the parallel game, the women of the Munich SC continued to show a committed performance and tried to collect points themselves again. Even if the hosts or Rot-Weiss Köln didn’t want to score any more goals, it was still enough for the Munich SC to make it into the quarter-finals.

 There, the Munich women meet Mannheimer HC. Cologne plays against Harvestehuder THC.


While the women of UHC Hamburg were just inferior to Düsseldorfer HC last week, the Hamburg women presented themselves in top form in today’s away game at TuS Lichterfelde.

 It took a little over ten minutes before the guests from Hamburg could celebrate for the first time: Yara Mandel gave her team the lead (11′). Then, however, the knot seemed to burst, Nicola Pluta increased directly to 0: 2 (13th) and in the second quarter to 0: 3 (25th). But that’s not all, because TuS Lichterfelde also had to accept the 0:4 through Lena Micheel in the first half (29th).

 Nothing seemed to change for the hosts in the second half of the game either: Shortly after the kick-off they had to concede two more goals from Pluta (36th) and Lisa Musci (37th), shortly afterwards Lena Micheel also scored to make it 7-0 (40th minute). .).

 Only towards the end of the game was it possible for the clearly inferior women of TuS Lichterfelde to set their own accents again: Isabelle Kühnold scored the first goal of the day for the Berliners (48th), a little later Julia Micheel was there for the 2nd: 7 final score successful.

 TuS Lichterfelde will have to defend against relegation in the play-down games. The team meets the Großflottbeker THGC. In the Hamburg derby against the club on the Alster, UHC Hamburg can hope for a place in the final tournament.


For the ladies of the Alster club, who were just under the Mannheimer HC yesterday, today’s game against the Berliner HC was just as difficult a task.

 Only in the final seconds of the first half did the hosts manage to take the lead. A penalty corner by Carlotta Sippel, which the Berlin goalkeeper had unfortunately slipped through, gave the women of the Alster club the 1-0 lead (30′, KE).

 In the middle of the third quarter, the club on the Alster then took a 2-0 lead: After the Berlin goalkeeper was able to parry the first shot, Carlotta Sippel converted the ball to her second goal (38′). However, Berliner HC showed a strong fighting spirit as the game progressed and was able to score the goal through Stefanie Wendt shortly before the break. She benefited from an excursion by the club’s goalkeeper at the Alster, who tried to clear the ball outside her shooting circle, but then couldn’t find her way back into her goal quickly enough (42′).

 And the guests from Berlin were also successful right at the beginning of the last quarter: A slightly unsuccessful penalty corner found its way to publisher Viola Scharf, who was able to equalize the 2:2 (46′, KE). Nothing changed in this score afterwards, Berlin fought back with a strong fightback and a quite fair draw.

 The Club an der Alster still has to play the catch-up game against Club Raffelberg, but can no longer change their position in the table (May 10, 6:00 p.m.). The UHC Hamburg is then waiting for the quarter-finals. Berlin is dealing with Düsseldorfer HC.


Due to yesterday’s draw against Raffelberg, the women of the Harvestehuder THC had to hope that the Berliner HC slipped up today in order to overtake their rivals in the table with the same number of points.

 And today the Harvestehude women showed their insecurities: Großflottbek took the lead right in the middle of the first quarter thanks to a penalty corner from Belen Iglesias Marcos (8′, KE). Harvestehude, although the game was balanced, fell behind like yesterday.

 The Harvestehuder THC then needed a long time to find an answer to the goal: Although the Berliner HC was behind in the parallel game, you also had to go into the dressing room with a deficit – which would mean that you were behind your competitor in the table Berlin would remain.

 But shortly after the break, from Harvestehude’s point of view, the time had finally come: Laura Saenger saved the hosts with a perfectly shot, hard penalty corner (34′, KE). And penalty corners seemed to be a good means of scoring in this game: Just one minute later it was Saenger again who scored the 2:1 lead with an almost identical penalty corner (35′, KE).

 Shortly before the end of the game, Emilia Landshut raised for the hosts and made it 3-1 (57th).

 Großflottbek plays in the duel for league membership in the play-down games against TuS Lichterfelde. The women of the Harvestehuder THC will meet Rot-Weiss Köln in the quarter-finals.


After the surprising point win in yesterday’s clash with Harvestehuder THC, Club Raffelberg had nothing to gain on Sunday. They narrowly lose against the women of Mannheimer HC with 1:2.

 Mannheimer HC took the lead in the sixth minute through a penalty corner by Sonja Zimmermann (6′, KE). A little later, the guests increased the lead to 2-0 (7′, KE) with another corner, in the person of Zimmermann. But Raffelberg didn’t seem to want to admit defeat even after the two early goals. On the one hand they held up defensively, on the other hand they even managed to get the 1:2th goal: After a penalty corner, which was initially blocked by a Mannheim defender, Laura Plüth was able to push the ball over the line for Raffelberg (32.) .

 In the upcoming play-down games, Raffelberg will now face Uhlenhorst Mülheim, who only just missed out on making the quarter-finals. Before that, however, there is still the catch-up game against the club on the Alster, as the final game of the regular season (May 10, 6:00 p.m.). Mannheim plays against the Munich SC for the Final Four ticket.

Photo: HOCKEYLIGA eV / Sabine Müller (SportsGallery)

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