Confident performance: Danas clearly win against the USA

Pro League Women: Germany – USA 4:0 (1:0)

March 27, 2022

The Danas won the second match in the FIH Pro League in the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach in front of 2,000 spectators against the US 4-0. Especially in the second half, the team rewarded its strong performance with well-played goals. As on Saturday, assistant coach Johannes Schmitz took over the position of head coach after national coach Valentin Altenburg tested positive for Corona.

Deserved lead at half time

The first half started with an awake German team, which earned the first circle scene after a minute and a half. The Danas let the ball run well in their own ranks in the first few minutes, so that the Americans found it difficult to get into play. After a good three minutes, the USA found the game with the best chance so far. A great combination through midfield brought Olivia Bent-Cole to the ball in a circle. Sonja Zimmermann (Mannheimer HC) was able to separate the American from the ball at the last moment and thus prevented the 0:1. The Danas then tried again and again to get into the circle via Emma Davidsmeyer (Club an der Alster) on the right. But they didn’t find the right allusion here. Coach Schmitz’s team took the ball early in the eighth minute. Pia Maertens (Rot-Weiss Köln) had a shot on goal from inside the circle, but it was saved by goalkeeper Kealsie Robles. The first quarter ended with two circle situations from Hanna Granitzki (Club an der Alster), but neither of these resulted in a goal. 

The second quarter began similarly to the first. The Danas often tried it on the right side of the field and showed themselves to be variable in the game against the ball. As in the previous games, the players in the German jersey defended wide awake and confidently, especially in the last section of the field. In the 22nd minute of the game, the consistent performance was then rewarded. Hanna Granitzki was able to get the ball in the circle of the American women and played it directly onto the right post. Lena Micheel (UHC Hamburg) was spot on at the far post and scored to make it 1-0 for Germany. From that point on, the Danas were the far better team. Only in the 28th minute did a dangerous counterattack occur after a short corner was stopped by the Germans. The Americans were denied by German goalkeeper Julia Sonntag (Rot-Weiss Köln). The Danas went into halftime with a deserved 1-0 lead. 

“We are well on the way to continuing our development steps. Of course there is still room for improvement. As of now, however, we are satisfied and can finish our course in front of the great backdrop, which gave us great support.”

Johannes Schmitz, assistant coach

Danas ensure clear conditions in the last quarter 

The second half started with five shots on goal for Germany and a goalkeeper change. Nathalie Kubalski (Düsseldorfer HC) came on for Julia Sunday. Germany continued to play confidently and let the Americans go a long way. The ball continued to run well through midfield, only the last consequence in front of the opposing goal was missing. In the 37th minute, Pia Maertens earned a penalty corner for Danas. After two repeated corners, the 2,000 fans in Mönchengladbach saw a great 90 degree variant, which Laura Sänger (Harvesterhuder THC) shot just wide of the left post. In the ensuing attack, Emma Boermans (Rot-Weiss Köln) had a double chance, who was denied by Kealsie Robles’ rails and then by a US racquet

We all had a lot of fun. We played really good hockey. Especially in the second half we let the ball run well and hardly allowed anything. 

Emma Davidsmeyer, defender
Mönchengladbach 2021 – 2022 FIH Pro League Germany v USA (RR) Picture: Lena Micheel scored 1-0 Elisa Gräve WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Although Germany were the better team, they were only 1-0 at the start of the last quarter. In the 47th minute there was another penalty corner for the Danas. After a perfect corner run, Julia Zimmermann hit hard in the lower left corner. Shortly thereafter, America’s only chance came in the final quarter. However, Grega missed the high cross in front of the empty goal and was therefore unable to score the goal. From here on, the spectators in the Sparkassenpark saw a very one-sided game. In the 50th minute, the Danas played a perfect counterattack via Emma Davidsmeyer, who found Charlotte Gerstenhöfer (Mannheimer HC) in the circle. The ball hit the bottom left goal. 3-0 Dana. Germany now created chances every minute. The USA kept chasing the ball and seemed very tired. The final game decision came in the 52nd minute. Nele Aring (Club an der Alster) scored with an Argentinian backhand. US goalkeeper Robles looked very unhappy in this situation. Pia Maertens got another shot just before the end, but Robles parried it brilliantly. In front of enthusiastic fans, the Danas secured the three points and the interim lead in the FIH Pro League. 

Game details: 

Germany vs USA March 27, 2022, SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach, 2,000 spectators 
1st quarter 
No goals 
2nd quarter 
1: 0, 22 minutes – Lena Micheel 
3rd quarter 
No goals 
4th Quarter 
2: 0, 47th Min. – Sonja Zimmermann 
3: 0, 50th Min. – Charlotte Gerstenhöfer 
4: 0, 52nd Min. – Elisa Gräve 

Penalty corners: 
Germany 5 (1 goal) / USA 0  Shots 
Germany 17 / USA 1 Detailed stats on game times etc. can be found at:  

The following players were used for Germany:   

No.   Surname    Association    Birth Year
5    Selin Oruz    Dusseldorfer HC   1997   
8th    Anne Schroeder    Club on the Alster    1994   
9    Elisa Graeve   Dusseldorfer HC   1996    
11    Lena Michael    UHC Hamburg  1998   
13  Charlotte Gerstenhofer  Mannheim HC  1999   
15 Nathalie Kubalksi (TW) Dusseldorfer HC 1993 
16    Sonja Zimmermann (C)    Mannheim HC   1999   
20  Julia Sunday (TW)  Red and White Cologne  1991   
23   Emma Davidsmeyer   Club on the Alster   1999   
24    Pia Maertens    Red and White Cologne    1999   
25    Victoria Huse    Club on the Alster    1995   
29   Emma Boermans   Red and White Cologne   1999   
30    Hanna Granitzki    Club on the Alster    1997   
35   Benedetta Wenzel  Berliner HC  1997  
36  Ida Kollinger    UHC Hamburg  2001   
42  Joan Boehringer  Munich SC  2003  
50  Nele Aring  Club on the Alster  1997  
71    Laura Saenger    Harvestehuder THC1994  

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