World Cup: Germany Advance Despite Mbande Excellence in South Africa Goal

The German women’s national hockey team reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup with a 1-0 win in the crossover game against South Africa. In a long time – at least in terms of the result – the German team was superior in a tight game. Only the numerous missed chances and penalty corners prevented clear conditions prevailing early on in the game. Nike Lorenz scored the decisive goal (38th minute) after a penalty corner. The next opponent of the German team is New Zealand on Tuesday, July 12th, 5:00 p.m.

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Lots of opportunities in the 1st half

It was clear from the start that the German national team wanted to impose their game. However, the Danas found it difficult to get into the game at the beginning. Above all, the exploitation of chances prevented, then that the German team ensured clear conditions early on. Four penalty corners in a row (Selin Oruz, 10th minute, Nike Lorenz, 11th minute and Sonja Zimmermann twice in the 14th minute) were unsuccessful and despite many good attempts, the team could not reward themselves – also because the South Africans were able to save several times. With more play and better approaches, the Danas were the better team – but the first quarter ended goalless.

We wanted to have a lot of ball possession and use these chances to create goals, and the girls did an excellent job of that for almost the entire season.

Valentin Altenburg, national coach

In the second quarter, the German national team had to play two minutes short in the 18th minute due to a green card for Bendetta Wenzel. The team survived these two minutes – including a penalty corner and a good chance for South Africa – without conceding a goal. The Danas were no longer as game-determining as they were in the first quarter, but they were still able to create good chances. In the 27th minute, Amelie Wortmann missed Danas’ best chance to date. With 6:2 penalty corners and the significantly better actions for the German team, it went into the half-time break with a 0:0.

penalty corner festival is crowned

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Danas were superior and gained an increasing advantage over the course of the game. In the 37th minute there was a ninth penalty corner, but Phumelela Mbande was able to parry it. A minute later, in the tenth penalty corner, the Danas got their salvation: Nike Lorenz hit the bottom left goal with an ice-cold goal! Two minutes later, Pia Maertens had the chance to add more, but Phumelela Mbande was there again. The quarter ended 1-0 with a total of 17-1 shots on goal for the Danas.

Copyright: Wordlsportpics / Frank Uijlenbroek

The last quarter began with a strong action by Pia Maertens, who dribbled through the center into the circle and could only be stopped by a stick foul. The following penalty corner was missed by Nike Lorenz. In the 53rd minute, the supposed 2:0 fell through Celine Pieper, but the goal was denied due to a dangerous game by Charlotte Stapenhorst. Shortly thereafter, the Danas had a double chance: First Maertens failed after a strong dribble to Mbande, who was also able to parry Lorenz’s follow-up shot. The Danas now took complete control and failed again in the person of Pieper a Mbande who, as so often, was the terminus. The terminus for South Africa was ultimately the Danas, who earned a goal from Nike Lorenz in the quarter-finals against New Zealand without convincing.

The German team’s quarter-final game will take place on Tuesday, July 12, 5:00 p.m. against New Zealand in Amstelveen (Amsterdam).

votes on the game

Valentin Altenburg, national coach: “We have resolved not to allow South Africa’s inspiring offensive hockey, which they played in Spain, to develop here in Holland. We wanted to have a lot of ball possession and use it to create chances to score, and the team did an excellent job of that almost the entire season. On our own initiative and strength we pulled a lot of corners and created chances, I have to compliment my team on that. For the corners, I bet on the completely wrong variants, so we could have made the game much clearer earlier. It’s totally on me today.”

Sonja Zimmermann: “In itself it was a better game than the result suggests. We went into the game as favorites and more than lived up to that role – we had 19 corners, a lot of shots on goal – there was a lot of good in that. I’m proud of my team. In the future we will work on our efficiency and then I remain confident.”

Viktoria Huse: “We played a super confident game, had a lot of ball possession and a lot of corners. The only thing missing are the goals. We can build on that because we had very nice combinations right up to the circle. We still have a few goals left for the quarter-finals and we’re looking forward to our next opponent.”

Game details:

Germany vs. South Africa
09.07.2022, Wagener Stadium, Amstelveen, Niederlande
1st quarter
No goals
2nd quarter
No goals
3rd quarter
1:0 Nike Lorenz (PC) – 38. Minute
4th quarter
No goals
Detailed statistics on deployment times etc. can be found here:

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