World Cup: Argentina Seal Emphatic Win Vs Canada to Top the Group

Argentina v Canada 7-1

The Argentine team entered the World Cup quarterfinals with a wide 7-1 victory over Canada. The name of the future adversary will be known only on Sunday.

TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands Argentina v Canada (Pool C) Picture: Maria-Jose Granatto hit a shoulder WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Three games won out of three played. Nothing less than 15 goals in those three presentations and barely two goals received. It is true that the rivals are far from the expectations that Argentina has in Spain-Netherlands 2022, but it is also true that, among the best teams in the world, the selected one establishes the logical differences in terms of the hierarchy of the team and its players . Against Canada what was expected happened. Beyond the surprise Canadian goal at the start, afterward it was all for Argentina, which ended in pure luxury and confirmed its wide status as favorite to go far in the tournament. It was 7 to 1. The difference could have been wider. And it was a good omen for what is to come: next Wednesday’s quarterfinals. The adversary? It will only be known on Sunday in this World Cup of many prolonged parentheses.

Like against South Korea and Spain, the Lionesses went out looking for the game from the first moment and in the first five minutes they already had their first chance with the penalty corner. However, mistakes cost dearly and the scoreboard was opened by Canada with an Argentine error. The ball entered the area divided, there was an oversight and at 5 minutes Grace Delmotte shot on goal without Succi being able to avoid the 1-0. In any case, the partial defeat lasted very little because just four minutes later the tie came. Julieta Jankunas, uncomfortable and with the mark on top of her, managed to throw a push that went just short of the stick. Calmer with the result, the Argentines did not stop attacking and after 15 minutes Toccalino and Albertario connected from the right and the play ended with Victoria Granatto defining it with a push in front of the goal. Soon another short came that Argentina could not take advantage of. Until at 20 Sánchez Moccia forced a new fix: Gorzelany looked for the detour and María José Granatto made it 3-1.

TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands Argentina v Canada (Pool C) Picture: Sofia Toccalino WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Argentina controlled the game with its system of passes and reception although Canada had an isolated chance that Succi solved with another very good save. Immediately came the short fourth and the winner was very close. First through Trinchinetti, then with Gorzelany (goalkeeper Laplante’s brilliant response) and then through Albertario, who took the rebound and couldn’t score. Thus came the break.

In addition Barberi replaced Succi to have his World Cup debut. And just a minute later Agustina Albertario recovered the ball, entered the area and defined with a powerful cross shot to the opposite post. Impossible to tackle. In a new short for Argentina, Gorzelany threw his drag low to the left but Laplante knew how to read the play and anticipated it. The national team had two other chances with the landline and he was not right either: first it was Raposo and then Gorzelany, who was charged for the infraction for the raised ball.

After 9 minutes came another cause for joy for the national team: Sauze also made his World Cup debut recovered from his fracture against India in the FIH Pro League. In this way, in addition, Ferrnando Ferrara recovered a key player in the midfield structure.

TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands Argentina v Canada (Pool C) Picture: Sara Goodman WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Almost immediately upon entry of the Tucuman, María Forcherio, with tremendous power, threw a sweep to the right post in a short shot and added the fifth goal for the Leonas to bring even greater tranquility. Immediately the one who attacked was Albertario, who entered the area and when facing the defender the ball rose on his post. New short and with the served uncomfortable, Costa Biondi could not drag well. Again Argentina had its chance and again Gorzelany tried, but the kicker’s foot caused a new fix and in the second consecutive they denied the goal on the line. Albertario pressed again to get another fixed and the team’s scorer could not once again against Laplante. She would already have her revenge…

And that revenge came twice with two shorts. At 17 and 20, Agustina Gorzelany put the final figures on a scoreboard. Which ended up being comfortable. And that ended up giving Argentina one more boost on their way to that third title they dream of.

Argentina v Canada 7-1
‘6 0-1 Demotte
’10 1-1 Without
’16 2-1 V. Granatto
’21 3-1 M. Granatto (sc)
’32 4-1 Albertario
’40 5-1 Forcherio
’48 6-1 Gorzelany (sc)
’51 7-1 Gorzelany (sc)

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