18 SEPTEMBER 2021 Media Guide


After COVID-19 forced the 2020-21 England Hockey League season to be declared null and void, the 2021-22 season starts this weekend with the hope that the season will be completed.

In the Vitality Women’s Hockey League, East Grinstead had high hopes of ending Surbiton’s seven-year reign as champions when the season was prematurely ended as they were top of the table and had won at Surbiton for the first time.

They try again, starting with a home fixture against Loughborough Students, who on their previous visit to West Sussex, inflicted a surprise 5-1 home defeat. East Grinstead have now built up a 21 game unbeaten run starting in October 2019, so should be confident going into the new season.

Having lost Amy Costello (UHC Hamburg), East Grinstead welcome back Alex Malzer after a stint at the University of Nottingham and have also added Jo Westwood to their squad, from Holcombe.

Loughborough have signed Becky Malyon from Beeston together with two Irish players:  Ellen Reid (Banbridge) and Hannah Irwin (Ulster Elks) plus Kathryn Edgar from Temple University (USA). Loughborough have also lost key players with Lizzie Neal returning to Canterbury; Miriam Pritchard going to Hampstead & Westminster; and Beeston signing Ella Cusack, Hannah Grieve and Lucy Millington.

Surbiton start their season at Clifton Robinsons and will also be confident as they have won on their last seven visits to Bristol, however Clifton also have reasons for optimism as they won at Sugden Road when the teams last met in 2019-20, their only success in 16 regular season meetings.

Clifton Robinsons have signed Pip Stewart from the University of Birmingham, whilst losing several players including Sarah-Jayne Thorburn.

Surbiton have seen Giselle Ansley and Hannah Martin take on new challenges in the Netherlands with HGC and Hurley respectively, Emily Atkinson having retired at the end of last season.

Former Clifton Robinsons player Sophie Hamilton returned to the UK from the University of Connecticut and Darcy Bourne returned to Surbiton from Duke University. Charlotte Daly and Leah Wilkinson both join from Holcombe and Freya Bull arrives from the University of Birmingham.

Wimbledon host London rivals Hampstead & Westminster with both teams aiming to be in contention for the league title at the end of the season. Hampstead won 3-1 at Wimbledon last season in the Premier Division, but the teams have previous history in the Conference East. Wimbledon won the first two encounters in South London before Hampstead won the third meeting and drew on their way to promotion in 2018-19.

Wimbledon have signed Fiona Crackles, Susannah Townsend, Hollie Pearne-Webb and Sarah Jones  with Anna Toman transferring to SCHC and Hattie Jones returning to Holcombe.

Hampstead have signed Miriam Pritchard from Loughborough with Lily Owsley going to the Netherlands to play for HDM.

In their first ever season in the Premier Division, Swansea struggled in 2020-21, but will hope to get off to a better start when they welcome Buckingham to Wales. Swansea lost 3-1 at Buckingham last season with Jess Roe scoring their only goal of their campaign. When the teams met previously in the Conference West, each team winning two matches with two games drawn in their six well matched encounters.

Ella Jackson joins Swansea from Buckingham and another former Buckingham player, Danni Jordan crosses the Welsh border after playing for Victoria in the Netherlands.

Buckingham have signed Jo Ellis from Reading with Steph Tirrell moving to Beeston.

Holcombe visit Beeston, having won on all six occasions that the teams have met in the top flight. In Nottingham, Holcombe won 3-2 in 2019-20; 3-1 in 2018-19 and 2-1 in 2014-15.

In the last two seasons, Beeston have suffered home defeats to Hampstead & Westminster in their first game of the season after drawing 2-2 with the University of Birmingham (who have a bye in week 1) on their return to the Premier Division in 2018-19. Beeston have only won once on opening day in the Premier Division, in 2013-14 when they beat Sutton Coldfield 7-0.

In addition to signing three players from Loughborough, Steph Tirrell has also joined Beeston from Buckingham.

Holcombe have compensated for the loss of Jo Westwood to Hampstead, Leah Wilkinson to Surbiton and Sarah Jones to Wimbledon by signing Marta Fuentes from Club Egara and Tania Eschaich from Club Terrassa in Spain, with Hattie Jones returning to Kent from Wimbledon.


Welcome to the first edition of the Hockey World News Media Guide covering the Vitality Women’s Hockey League for the 2021-22 season.

Because this is the first edition, the information contained will be limited, especially taking into account the reported problems with England Hockey’s new Game Management System (GMS). However, with just the Premier Division starting this weekend, you can find the head to head records for the last five seasons for the opening day’s fixtures, plus each team’s opening day record also over the last five seasons with supplementary information as appropriate.

The Hockey Paper has all the latest player movements here

At the moment, match official and umpire appointments are not in the public domain and the dates in the fixture table on page nine are as originally published, so may be subject to change.

The aim of this first edition is to give some background information for each of this weekend’s fixtures, a list of various sequences with information about the relevant games where a sequence is over 18 games.

There is also a record of East Grinstead’s current unbeaten run for reference purposes.

I’ve included some information about upcoming European club tournaments with hyperlinks to the individual tournaments on EHF Altius.

As usual, please bear in mind that this media guide is a one-person compilation, so if you find any errors, please let me know, but remember that there is very little scope for double-checking content compared with a dedicated media team.

The design of the media guide is something which will also be looked at during the season, but the current priority is to try and share as much information as possible.

Colin Pike, Editor – Tel: 07929 529279. Email: colin.pike@btinternet.com


Beeston v Holcombe

Nottingham Hockey Centre 1400

All Premier Division meetings at Beeston (Beeston first):

(2020-21) Did Not Play (2019-20) 2-3 (2018-19) 1-3 (2014-15) 1-2

28 Sep 2019 – Beeston 2 (Ali Eadie, Lauren Burrell) Holcombe 3 (Candice Manuel (2), Alice Wills)

17 Nov 2018 – Beeston 1 (Kathryn Lane) Holcombe 3 (Dirkie Chamberlain, Heather MacEwan, Sofia Viarengo Cervino)

4 Oct 2014 – Beeston 1 (Erica Sanders) Holcombe 2 (Sam Quek, Nicola White)

Beeston have never beaten Holcombe in six meetings in the Premier Division since the teams first met in October 2014 in Nottingham.

Holcombe have won on all six occasions, and won their three home games each by a three goal margin.

The matches in Nottingham have been closer with Holcombe winning twice by a single goal.

Beeston’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Hampstead & Westminster (H) L 0-2

2019-20 v Hampstead & Westminster (H) L 1-4

2018-19 v University of Birmingham (H) D 2-2

Conference North

2017-18 v Loughborough Students (A) W 2-0

2016-17 v Sutton Coldfield (H) W 3-1

Beeston will be looking for their first home win on opening day since the 2016-17 season when Sutton Coldfield were beaten 3-1. Since then, Hampstead & Westminster have won twice at Nottingham Hockey Centre and Midlands rivals University of Birmingham earned a point in a 2-2 draw.  Beeston’s only opening day visit to Loughborough Students in 2017-18 ended in a 2-0 victory. Beeston beat Sutton Coldfield in 2016-17 and also beat them in their first-ever Premier Division match, with a stunning 7-0 victory in 2013-14.

Holcombe’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Loughborough Students (H) L 0-1

2019-20 v East Grinstead (H) W 1-0

2018-19 v Bowdon Hightown (H) W 2-0

2017-18 v East Grinstead (A) D 0-0

2016-17 v Surbiton (H) D 2-2

Holcombe have also opened their season at home in four of the last five seasons, so their visit to Nottingham will see them on the road for the first time, also since 2017-18. 


Clifton Robinsons v Surbiton

Coombe Dingle Sports Complex 1400

Last Five Meetings at Clifton Robinsons (Clifton Robinsons first):

(2019-20) 0-1; (2018-19) 1-4; (2017-18) 1-3; (2016-17) 1-2; (2015-16) 1-4

5 Oct 2019 – Clifton Robinsons 0 Surbiton 1 (Georgie Twigg)

16 Mar 2019 – Clifton Robinsons 1 (Claire Thomas) Surbiton 4 (Giselle Ansley (2), Olivia Chilton, Georgie Twigg)

24 Feb 2018 – Clifton Robinsons 1 (Abigail Porter) Surbiton 3 (Hollie Pearne-Webb, Sarah Page, Georgie Twigg)

19 Nov 2016 – Clifton Robinsons 1 (Laura Bridge) Surbiton 2 (Sarah Page, Giselle Ansley)

10 Oct 2015 – Clifton 1 (Els Mansell) Surbiton 4 (Jenna Woolven, Jo Hunter, Sandra Roche, Abi Robinson)

Surbiton have won on their last seven visits to Bristol, having drawn 1-1 in 2012-13 in Surbiton’s first ever season in the Premier Division. The teams have met on 16 occasions in the regular season with Clifton’s only victory coming in 2019-20 at Sugden Road when Kathryn Lane’s 41st minute penalty corner was decisive.

Clifton Robinsons’ Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v East Grinstead (H) L 1-2

2019-20 v Buckingham (A) L 2-4

2018-19 v Canterbury (A) W 1-0

2017-18 v Leicester (H) W 2-0

2016-17 v Canterbury (H) W 3-0

Clifton Robinsons have lost their last two opening day fixtures after enjoying a run of five successive wins between 2014-15 and 2018-19, including home wins over Bowdon Hightown in 2015-16 (2-1) and Buckingham in 2014-15 (1-0).

However it was the 2013-14 opener and the only previous occasion when Clifton met Surbiton in their first league fixture of the season which proved controversial. Clifton drew 1-1 at Sugden Road, but Helena Faust, who scored Clifton’s goal was subsequently deemed to have been registered incorrectly, resulting in Clifton having a point deducted.

Surbiton’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Buckingham (H) W 3-0

2019-20 v Loughborough Students (A) W 3-2

2018-19 v Slough (A) W 4-0

2017-18 v Canterbury (A) D 2-2

2016-17 v Holcombe (A) D 2-2

Surbiton have never lost on opening day in the England Hockey League, either in the Premier Division or during their two seasons in the Conference East and but for two last minute lapses, would have won their last five games. Only Grace Balsdon’s penalty stroke and a Emma Bandurak (neé Trunks) penalty corner, both in the 70th minute, prevented Surbiton from returning from Kent with all three points in 2016-17 and 2017-18.


East Grinstead v Loughborough Students

Saint Hill 1600

Only Premier Division meeting at East Grinstead (East Grinstead first):

(2019-20) 1-5

21 Sep 2019 – East Grinstead 1 (Chloe Brown)

Loughborough Students 5 (Sophie Byrne, Lucy Millington (2), Izzy Petter, Jen Park)

With Loughborough Students embarking on only their fourth season in the Premier Division and the teams not having met during the truncated 2020-21 season, East Grinstead have only played Loughborough once in West Sussex and it’s a match they will want to forget. Rebounding after an opening 3-2 home defeat to Surbiton, Loughborough stunned East Grinstead with a 5-1 thrashing.

However, when the teams met in Leicestershire towards the end of the season, East Grinstead extracted their revenge winning 6-0 with Sophie Bray notching a hat-trick, and Ellie Rayer, Cathy Nicholson and Tess Howard in support.

East Grinstead’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Clifton Robinsons (A) W 2-1

2019-20 v Holcombe (A) L 0-1

2018-19 v Buckingham (A) L 1-2

2017-18 v Holcombe (H) D 0-0

2016-17 v Reading (H) W 2-0

Last season’s 2-1 win at Clifton Robinsons ended a run of three opening games without a win. East Grinstead start the season on home turf for the first time since 2017-18 when they drew 0-0 with Holcombe.

Loughborough Students’ Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Holcombe (A) W 1-0

2019-20 v Surbiton (H) L 2-3

Conference North:

2018-19 v University of Durham (H) D 2-2

2017-18 v Beeston (H) L 0-2

2016-17 v Brooklands Poynton (H) L 0-4

Loughborough have had mixed fortunes on opening day in their last two seasons back in the Premier Division, losing at home to Surbiton but winning at Holcombe. The win in Kent ended a barren run of four opening games without a win, having last won 2-1 at Belper in 2015-16.


Swansea v Buckingham

King George V Playing Fields 1200

Only Premier Division meeting at Buckingham (Swansea first):

(2020-21) 1-3

17 Oct 2020 – Buckingham 3 (Lottie Porter, Abbie Brant (2)) Swansea 1 (Jess Roe)

Conference West meetings at Swansea (Swansea first):

(2016-17) 1-1; (2013-14) 1-0; (2012-13) 2-2; (2011-12) 1-4; (2010-11) 3-1; (2009-10) 1-3

17 Sep 2016 – Swansea City 1 (Lowri Ratti) Buckingham 1 (Zoe Shipperley)

26 Oct 2013 – Swansea City 1 (Katrin Budd) Buckingham 0

2 Mar 2013 – Swansea City 2 (Sophie Clayton, Bridget Radice) Buckingham 2 (Zoe Shipperley, Kitty Higgins)

17 Nov 2011 – Swansea City 1 (Carys Gordon) Buckingham 4 (Lorraine Campbell, Jessica Bloom, Samantha Jacobs, Lauren Thomas)

21 Nov 2010 – Swansea City 3 (Natalie Blyth, Bridget Radice, Sophie Clayton) Buckingham 1 (Samantha Jacobs)

27 Mar 2010 – Swansea City 1 (Jaynaya Boyles) Buckingham 3 (Andrea Freshwater, Fiona Farley, Sophie Reynolds)

In their first ever season in the top flight, Swansea met old Conference West rivals Buckingham at Stowe School and went down 3-1 in what was to become as shortened season due to Covid-19.

Honours have generally been even in Wales in the Conference West with Swansea and Buckingham each winning twice with two matches drawn. Buckingham won the Conference West four years in a row (2011 to 2014) only to get pipped to a Premier Division place at the Promotion Tournament, finally succeeding in 2014. In 2012 Swansea finished five points behind Buckingham in second.

Swansea’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Wimbledon (A) L 0-4

Division One North:

2019-20 v Olton & West Warwicks (A) L 2-4

Conference West:

2018-19 v Reading (A) W 2-1

2017-18 v Isca (A) D 0-0

2016-17 v Buckingham (H) D 1-1

Swansea have only won once in their first match of the season over the last five years, even losing their first match at Olton in 2019-20 on their way to winning promotion from the Division One North. The teams last met in Wales almost exactly five years ago.

Buckingham’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Surbiton (A) L 0-3

2019-20 v Clifton Robinsons (H) W 4-2

2018-19 v East Grinstead (H) W 2-1

2017-18 v Slough (A) L 1-3

Conference West:

2016-17 v Swansea City (A) D 1-1

Buckingham have won two and lost two games on opening day since they returned to the Premier Division in 2017-18, winning at home and losing away.


Wimbledon v Hampstead & Westminster

Raynes Park High School 1600

Only Premier Division meeting at Wimbledon (Wimbledon first):

(2020-21) 1-3

10 Oct 2020 – Wimbledon 1 (Lucy Holder) Hampstead & Westminster 3 (Kate Mccaw (2), Grace Balsdon)

Conference East meetings at Wimbledon (Wimbledon first):

(2018-19) 1-1; (2017-18) 1-3; (2016-17) 2-1; (2015-16) 3-2

9 Feb 2019 – Wimbledon 1 (Kate Maxey) Hampstead & Westminster 1 (Lauren Turner)

12 Nov 2017 – Wimbledon 1 (Crista Cullen) Hampstead & Westminster 3 (Lauren Turner, Annebeth Wijtenburg, Joyce Esser)

18 Mar 2017 – Wimbledon 2 (Crista Cullen (2)) Hampstead & Westminster 1 (Louise Radford)

17 Oct 2015 – Wimbledon 3 (Meg Dowthwaite, Lauren Burgess, Harriet Naismith)

Hampstead & Westminster 2 (Emma Bunyard, Fleur Horner)

Before the 2020-21 season was concluded early, Hampstead visited newly promoted Wimbledon and came away with all three points. Before Hampstead were promoted from the Conference East, Wimbledon had edged ahead in South London, winning the first two meetings before Hampstead won and drew the next two matchups.

Wimbledon’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Swansea (H) W 4-0

Division One South:

2019-20 v Isca (H) W 6-1

Conference East:

2018-19 v Hampstead & Westminster (A) L 0-3

2017-18 v Sevenoaks (H) L 0-1

2016-17 v Hampstead & Westminster (A) W 2-1

Wimbledon have previously played Hampstead twice on opening day, but this will be the first time that Hampstead will have been the visitors. In their first season back in the Premier, Wimbledon made a superb start beating the other newly promoted team, Swansea 4-0. On their way to winning Division One South, Wimbledon began with a 6-1 home win over Isca, but struggled in the Conference East losing two of three opening fixtures.

Hampstead & Westminster’s Opening Day Record (last five seasons):

Premier Division:

2020-21 v Beeston (A) W 2-0

2018-19 v Beeston (A) W 4-1

Conference East:

2018-19 v Wimbledon (H) W 3-0

2017-18 v Southgate (A) W 4-0

2016-17 v Wimbledon (H) L 1-2

Hampstead will visit Wimbledon for the first time on opening day, having previously welcomed the South London club to Paddington twice in the Conference East. Since Hampstead won promotion to the Premier Division for the first time, Hampstead have traditionally started the season in the East Midlands at Beeston, coming back with all three points on both occasions. Hampstead go into the local derby with a run of four opening day victories.

. Premier Division – Phase 1
Beeston 30 Oct13 Nov9 Oct 18 Sep27 Nov    2 Oct
Buckingham  25 Sep20 Nov16 Oct6 Nov2 Oct    23 Oct
Clifton Robinsons    2 Oct 23 Oct18 Sep 6 Nov20 Nov30 Oct
East Grinstead  27 Nov   18 Septbc”23 Oct 6 Nov16 Oct
Hampstead & Westminster6 Nov  25 Sep 23 Oct  13 Nov9 Oct 20 Nov
Holcombe  9 Oct30 Oct   20 Nov27 Nov25 Sep 13 Nov
Loughborough Students    30 Oct16 Oct  6 Nov20 Nov25 Sep9 Oct
Surbiton25 Sep9 Oct  27 Nov 13 Nov   23 Oct6 Nov
Swansea20 Nov18 Sep16 Oct    30 Oct  9 Oct25 Sep
University of Birmingham23 Oct27 Nov 13 Nov   16 Oct2 Oct  18 Sep
Wimbledon16 Oct13 Nov  18 Sep2 Oct   30 Oct 27 Nov

*East Grinstead were due to play Surbiton on 2 October, however the match will be rearranged due to both teams playing in Europe that weekend.

Games since….   (Premier Division Regular Season only)A WinA Home WinAn Away WinA DefeatA Home DefeatAn Away DefeatA Score DrawA No Score DrawConceding A GoalScoring A GoalConceding More Than 1Scoring More Than 1Keeping A Clean SheetFailing To ScoreWinning  Consecutive GamesLosing Consecutive GamesGaining A PointLosing A PointWin By More Than OneLoss By More Than One
Clifton Robinsons11000364600001141710114
East Grinstead000211110359000022302103422
Hampstead & W02010418N10120N570123
Loughborough S000532102101002050206
U of Birmingham734010122000021702071

N= No occurrence

MILESTONES (Sequences of over 18 matches)

Beeston’s last score-draw (34)

3 Nov 2018 v Slough (H) D 1-1

Buckingham’s last no-score draw (55)

14 Oct 2017 v Leicester (A) N.B. Buckingham drew 0-0 at home to Holcombe the week before on 7 Oct 2017.

Clifton Robinsons’ last no-score draw (46)

10 Feb 2018 v Slough (H)

East Grinstead’s last defeat (21)

28 Sep 2019 v Surbiton (A) L 1-2

East Grinstead’s last no-score draw (59)

23 Sep 2017 v Holcombe (H)

East Grinstead’s last failure to score (23)

14 Sep 2019 v Holcombe (A) L 0-1

East Grinstead last lost consecutive games (21)

21 Sep 2019 v Loughborough Students (H) L 1-5 and 28 Sep 2019 v Surbiton (A) L 1-2

East Grinstead last lost by more than one goal (22)

21 Sep 2019 v Loughborough Students (H) L 1-5

Hampstead & Westminster’s last score-draw (18)

12 Oct 2019 v East Grinstead (H) D 4-4 N.B. This is Hampstead’s only draw in the Premier Division

Holcombe’s last no-score draw (56)

7 Oct 2017 v Buckingham (A)


Match No.DateVenueOpponentsResultHTPosScorers:                                                        Opposing Scorers:
28 SepASurbitonL 1-20-29Rayer 38-F                                        Guckian 12-F, Bourne 31-F
15 OCTHBUCKINGHAMD 1-11-19Costello 4-PC                                                       Brant 19-F                                                        
212 OctAHampstead & WestminsterD 4-43-110Rayer 3-F, Bray 16-PC, Unsworth 17-F, 54-F                                     Owsley 19-F, 48-F; Leigh 39-F, Byas 64-PC
319 OCTHUNIVERSITY OF BHAMW 2-10-08Bray 38-F, Rayer 47-F                                          Ledesma 36-F
427 OctABowdon HightownW 3-01-06Macdonell 26-F, Bray 52-F, Nicholson 60-F
59 NOVHCLIFTON ROBINSONSW 4-01-05Macdonell 15-F, Bray 43-PC, 52-F, 69-F
616 NovABuckinghamW 4-12-03Bray 21-F, 57-F; Brown 34-PS, Cozens 68-F                                                                            Shipperley 66-PC
717 NOVHBOWDON HIGHTOWND 1-11-13Bray 8-F                                                                  French 27-PS
823 NOVHBEESTON W 2-11-03Howard 15-F, Bray 64-F                                     Emslie 59-F                                    
930 NovAClifton RobinsonsW 2-12-03Holder 27-PC, Hansford 33-F                       Chittenden 45-F                       
101 DecAUniversity of BirminghamW 3-11-13Bray 2-F, 40-F, 43-F                                             Andrew 29-PC
117 DECHHOLCOMBEW 4-03-03Rayer 10-F, Bray 11-F, 19-PC, 46-F
1223 FEBHHAMPSTEAD & WW 2-11-13Bray 22-F, 39-F                                                          Leigh 8-PC
1329 FebALoughborough StudentsW 6-03-02Bray 3-F, 20-F, 69-PC; Rayer 32-PC, Nicholson 49-PC, Howard 57-PC
147 MarABeestonW 2-00-02Rayer 40-F, Bray 55-F
1514 MARHSURBITONW 6-12-12Bray 9-F, 64-F; Howard 28-PC, 52-PS; Lacina 49-F, Unsworth 68-F                                                       Sanders 24-F
1619 SepAClifton RobinsonsW 2-11-04Howard 15-F, Bray 61-PC                                       Lane 65-PC                                   
1726 SEPHBEESTONW 3-03-01Howard 20-PC, Bray 20-F, 27-F
183 OCTHBUCKINGHAMD 1-10-12Rayer 58-F                                              Lewis-Williams 35-F                                          
1910 OctASurbitonW 1-00-0=1Cozens 56-PC
2017 OctAHampstead & WW 2-11-01Rayer 4-F, Bray 40-F                                             L Turner 63-F
2124 OCTHUNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAMW 3-22-01Denniff 11-F, Bray 16-F, 48-F             Attwell 45-PC, Hall 67-F

East Grinstead Scorers (58): Sophie Bray 30, Ellie Rayer 7, Tess Howard 6, Laura Unsworth 3, Hannah Cozens 2, Lydia Macdonell 2, Cathy Nicholson 2, Amy Costello 1, Chloe Brown 1, Jess Denniff 1, Courtney Hansford 1, Lucy Holder 1, Katerina Lacina 1.


This is the latest situation regarding British participation in European competition

2 October – 3 October 2021

EuroHockey League Ranking Cup (Hamburg, Germany)

2 October (1200 CET) Surbiton v Pegasus (SF1)

2 October (1415 CET) UHC Hamburg v HC Minsk

3 October (1100 CET) 3rd Place Playoff

3 October (1315 CET) Final


Surbiton’s Women’s England Hockey League match at East Grinstead on 2 October will be rearranged.

30 September – 3 October 2021

EuroHockey Club Trophy (Lille, France)

East Grinstead

Loreto (Ireland) and Ak Bars-Dinamo (Russia) have both withdrawn from Pool A, meaning the pools will be updated in due course.


30 September – 3 October 2021

EuroHockey Club Challenge I (Prague, Czech Republic)

Clydesdale Western (Scotland) and Edinburgh University (Scotland) have both withdrawn

23-26 September 2021

EuroHockey Club Challenge II (Rakovnik, Czech Republic)

Swansea (Wales) have withdrawn

23-26 September 2021

EuroHockey Club Challenge III (Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia)

Gwent Hockey Club



Both of Australia’s senior international teams, the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos will not take part in the third edition of the FIH Pro League as a result of COVID related government travel restrictions.

New Zealand have also withdrawn for similar reasons with both countries also withdrawing from the Junior World Cups. New Zealand will not participate in FIH competitions until June 2022 at the earliest.

The Hockey Australia statement can be found Here

And the Hockey New Zealand statement Here

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