Tulip HK (H): Oranje-Rood and Rotterdam show resilience

On the ninth day of play in the Tulp Hoofdklasse Men, Oranje-Rood and Rotterdam each fought to a tie. Oranje-Rood cleared a 3-1 deficit against Kampong and Rotterdam repaired a deficit against HGC three times. Closer Hurley seemed to take the first points of the season, but had to bow his head in the Bosderby with Amsterdam in the final phase. Leader Bloemendaal defeated Little Switzerland 3-1.

Klein Zwitserland – Bloemendaal 1-3

Bloemendaal only put the difficult horde of Little Switzerland aside after the break. Thanks to the 3-1 victory, the leader remained without defeat for the eighteenth time in a row (W15 G3). Goudhaantje Thierry Brinkman was again important for the Sparrows with two hits. In eight of the nine rounds he scored and scored ten goals in that series.

43. Thierry Brinkman 0-1
48. Jorrit Croon 0-2
55. Thierry Brinkman 0-3
59. Camil Papa 1-3

SCHC – Den Bosch 4-4

In a spectacular match in Bilthoven, SCHC and Den Bosch eventually shared the points. It was the second draw for the Bossche team in the last three games. For SCHC, the 4-4 was the third draw of the season. With that point, the team walked a little further away from competitors Tilburg and Hurley.

6. Bram Weers 1-0
14. Jaïr van der Horst 1-1
17. Cedric Terwel 2-1
19. Cedric Terwel 3-1
21. Koen Bijen 3-2
23. Bram Weers 4-2
28. Tijmen Reijenga 4- 3
47. Paul-Philipp Kaufmann 4-4

Pinoké – Tilburg 4-2

Despite an early deficit, Pinoké stepped off the field as the winner. Tilburg was defeated 4-2 in the Amsterdamse Bos. It was already the ninth home game in a row for the Stingneuzen in which they won against Tilburg. The undefeated series against the Brabanters has already lasted thirteen duels (W11 G2).

10. Fabian Verzuu 0-1
23. Dennis Warmerdam 1-1
27. Sébastien Dockier 2-1
38. Sébastien Dockier 3-1
61. Alexander Hendrickx (sc) 4-1
63. Leandro Tolini (sc) 4-2

HGC – Rotterdam 3-3

Last season, Rotterdam recorded a stunning victory in Wassenaar. It became 0-7. This time the Rotterdammers had to pull out all the stops. It was only in the final minute that a draw was secured thanks to a striking penalty corner by Jeroen Hertzberger, his second of the afternoon. This puts him four goals away from his 350th official goal for Rotterdam. It was HGC’s first home draw after sixteen matches in which ten victories were booked and six defeats were suffered.

3. Seve van Ass (sb) 1-0
11. Tjep Hoedemakers 1-1
32. Seve van Ass (sc) 2-1
37. Jeroen Hertzberger (sc) 2-2
62. Gordon Johnston (sc) 3-2
70 Jeroen Hertzberger (sc) 3-3

Oranje-Rood – Kampong 3-3

Jip Janssen seemed to become man of the match thanks to three striking penalty corners before half-time, so that Kampong took the lead in Eindhoven 3-1. Janssen has scored eight goals in his last four matches. But Oranje-Rood, which has never won at home against the Utrecht team, fought back after the break via hits from Gijs van Merriënboer and Jelle Galema to 3-3.

4. Jip Janssen (sc) 0-1
15. Thomas Briels 1-1
18. Jip Janssen (sc) 1-2
27. Jip Janssen (sc) 1-3
37. Gijs van Merriënboer (sc) 2-3
65. Jelle Galema (SB) 3-3

Read the match report of the game between Oranje-Rood and Kampong

Jelle Galema (Orange-Red) cheers after his equalizer against Kampong. Photo: Willem Vernes

Amsterdam v Hurley 3-1

Hurley finally seemed to be on his way to the first points of the season on the ninth day of play. Deegan Huisman had given the team the lead after 26 minutes. It was Huisman’s seventh goal in the last six games for Hurley. In the final phase, the team had to capitulate for Amsterdam, which scored three times in the last ten minutes. As a result, Amsterdam remained unbeaten for the 30th time (W28 G2) in a row against its neighbor from the Amsterdamse Bos.

26. Deegan Huisman 0-1
61. Trent Mitton (sc) 1-1
64. Mirco Pruyser 2-1
69. Valentin Verga 3-1

Valentin Verga cheers after his goal for Amsterdam against Hurley. Photo: Bart Scheulderman

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