Tulip HK: another loss of points Kampong, Pinoké is doing good business and point for Hurley

For the third game in a row, Kampong has lost points. After two defeats, the Utrecht team did not get further than a 2-2 against Klein Zwitserland on Sunday. The equalizer of the team from The Hague came just before the final whistle. With this, Amsterdam moved to second place in the ranking. The team from Amsterdam won 5-0 in and against Rotterdam.

Kampong dropped to third place and is level with Pinoké in points. The Sting noses did good business in the battle for the play-offs by beating direct competitor Oranje-Rood 2-1. HGC took advantage of the Eindhoven team’s misstep and climbed to fifth place, followed by Orange-Red.

At the bottom, Hurley took a point in the basement cracker against SCHC. In the Amsterdamse Bos it was 3-3. The point ensured that SCHC is now tied in points with Tilburg, which lost 3-1 to HGC.

Bloemendaal – Den Bosch 4-0

After a difficult restart in which Bloemendaal only took one point from two matches, the leader already recorded his third victory in a row. Den Bosch op ‘t Kopje was set aside with clear figures. With that, a run of three games without a loss came to an end for the team of coach Eric Verboom. With two goals, Tim Swaen put the Mussen on the track for the thirteenth victory of the season. The penalty corner specialist made his 96th and 97th league goal.

32. Tim Swaen 1-0 (sc)
40. Tim Swaen 2-0 (sc)
49. Thierry Brinkman 3-0
61. Roel Bovendeert 4-0

Hurley – SCHC 3-3

Hurley’s survival in the Tulip big league hangs in the balance, but the team showed resilience against SCHC. In the fourth quarter, the Bosuilen cleared a 3-1 deficit. The draw marked the third point of the season for the bottom line, for whom the situation is still dire. The difference with number eleven SCHC is five points with five games to go. Relegation can still be avoided, but then you have to win, something that has not been successful seventeen times in a row.

1. Bram Weers 0-1
24. Cédric Terwel 0-2 (sc)
43. Borja Llorens 1-2 (sc)
54. Jelmer Uildriks 1-3
55. Indra Aerts 2-3
65. Deegan Huisman 3-3

Read the report of the duel between Hurley and SCHC

Deegan Huisman cheers after the equalizer against SCHC (3-3). Photo: Willem Vernes

Kampong – Klein Zwitserland 2-2

Kampong seemed on its way to take three points again after two defeats in a row. The Utrecht formation had not counted on Marco Miltkau. The German attacker single-handedly reversed the 2-0 deficit of Klein Zwitserland, with the equalizing goal just before the final whistle. For Klein Zwitserland it was the second draw in a row after three defeats.

14. Derck de Vilder 1-0
18. Terrance Pieters 2-0
41. Marco Miltkau 2-1
70. Marco Miltkau 2-2

Rotterdam – Amsterdam 0-5

Amsterdam is in a great flow. In Rotterdam, it registered its sixth win in a row, the best run in the Men’s Tulip Hoofdklasse. The three players who had accounted for all goals for Amsterdam since the resumption of the competition on March 6 (Trent Mitton, Mirco Pruyser and Valentijn Charbon) were also responsible for the first four goals of the match against Rotterdam. Pruyser’s goal was his 200th in the Dutch big league. The 5-0 came in the name of Brent van Bijnen.

5. Trent Mitton 0-1 (sc)
8. Mirco Pruyser 0-2 (sc)
21. Valentijn Charbon 0-3
29. Trent Mitton 0-4
53. Brent van Bijnen 0-5

Pinoké – Oranje-Rood 2-1

Pinoké won the top match at home with Oranje-Red. The Sting noses turned a deficit thanks to goals from Dennis Warmerdam and Niklas Wellen. For the sixth game in a row, Pinoké remained unbeaten. The defeat marked the capriciousness of Oranje-Rood, which has not been able to win twice in a row since the beginning of October. The last eleven games have resulted in five wins, two draws and four defeats.

35. Jamie van Aart 0-1
55. Dennis Warmerdam 1-1
67. Niklas Wellen 2-1

Tilburg – HGC 1-3

In the battle for the play-offs, HGC is on the fence. With the fourth victory in the last five games, the Wassenaar team rose to fifth place, two points behind Pinoké, who is in that important fourth place. Due to the defeat, Tilburg saw that competitor SCHC tied the score in points. The Tilburgers have already been without a win for seven games in a row (G2 V5).

20. Seve van Ass 0-1 (sc)
41. Fabian Verzuu 1-1
47. Zachary Wallace 1-2
56. Zachary Wallace 1-3 (sc)

Zachary Wallace celebrates his goal for HGC against Tilburg (1-3) in the Tulip Hoofdklasse Men. Photo: Rogier Balk

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