Top scorers: Yibbi Jansen production to record high

It rained personal bests, milestones and club records in the last round of the Tulp Hoofdklasse. Yibbi Jansen (SCHC), Jip Janssen (Kampong) and Jeroen Hertzberger (Rotterdam) claimed – not for the first time – the leading roles.

Tulip Hoofdklasse Ladies

Top scorer Yibbi Jansen was dry for a few weeks, but scored again last Sunday as usual. She used two penalty corners against Bloemendaal (0-3 victory) and thus lifted her production to 22 goals in this competition. Including her goals in the battle for the Gold Cup (seven) and EHL (three), the counter for Jansen already stands at 32 this season, a new personal best and also a new club record at SCHC.

Freeke Moes also reported in the sub-top of the top scorers’ classification. The attacker from Amsterdam scored twice against Hurley on Sunday (5-1 win) and for the first time in her career tapped the double digits within one season (ten goals). In the footsteps of Moes, Den Bosch attacker Joosje Burg equaled her personal record of last season: she accounted for one of the four Bossche goals against Little Switzerland and is therefore on nine hits.

Freeke Moes after one of her ten league goals this season. Photo: Bart Scheulderman

Yibby Jansen SCHC 2 18 2 22
Michelle Fillette Amsterdam 12 5 1 18
Lola Riera HGC 16 1 17
Frederique Matla Den Bosch 8 8 16
Gite Michels Hurley 14 2 16
Felice Alberts Amsterdam 10 2 12
Annebregt Rietveld Rotterdam 1 9 2 12
Penny Dick SCHC 12 12
Demi Hilterman Bloemendaal 11 11
Frank Moes Amsterdam 9 1 10
Ginella Zerbo SCHC 9 1 10

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Tulip Men’s Major League

Jeroen Hertzberger and Jip Janssen will decide next Sunday who can call themselves the top scorer of this competition. Hertzberger scored once for Rotterdam in the away match against HGC (1-3) and thus scored 34 goals. With that he equaled the eleven-year-old club record of Roderick De Knoest Weusthof. Coming Saturday, the 37-year-old goal getter against Amsterdam will only need one hit to set the club record.

Janssen scored twice on behalf of Kampong in the home game against Klein Switzerland (4-4), now has 32 hits this season and thus reached the milestone of one hundred goals in the Dutch big league. He is now the sixth Kampong player with at least 100 league goals to his name.

Jeroen Hertzberger Rotterdam 13 16 5 34
Jip Janssen Kampong 0 30 2 32
Aki Kappeler KZ 0 21 1 22
Jeremy Hayward Den Bosch 1 14 3 18
Alex Hendrikx Pinoke 0 17 0 17
Boris Burhardt Amsterdam 6 9 0 15
Tim Swann Bloemendaal 0 13 2 15
Duke Telgenkamp Kampong 14 1 0 15
Thierry Brinkman Bloemendaal 13 1 0 14
Sam Lane Orange-Red 5 8 1 14
Roel Bovendeert Bloemendaal 10 3 0 13
Koen Bees Den Bosch 11 2 0 13

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Women’s promotion class

At the top of the top scorers list, only Janneke van de Venne did not score last Sunday, but the Orange-Rood attacker will not be bothered by that. After all, her team secured promotion to the big league with a 3-2 victory over Push.

With two rounds to go, Liz Klompmaker (Groningen) and Bo van Kempen (MOP) have the best credentials to conquer the top scorers’ title. In last Sunday’s mutual duel between MOP and Groningen in Vught (3-2), Van Kempen scored once and Klompmaker twice. The latter leads the standings with sixteen hits.

Liz Clompmaker Groningen 16
Bob van Kempen JOKE 15
Janne van de Venne Orange-Red 13
Dhymara Lacroes Almere 11
Daphne Voormolen Victoria 11
Tess Olde Loohuis JOKE 10
Roos Weathers HIC 9
Mai Toryyama Were Di 9

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Men’s promotion class

Joep Troost (Almere) and Kenny Bain (Laren) both added three goals to their production this season. Troost scored all Almere goals against Push (3-0) and Bain scored three of the five Laren goals against Ring Pass (5-0). Both attackers still have a gap to bridge with top scorer David Blom, who scored his 22nd league goal on behalf of Nijmegen against HBS (4-2 win) at home.

David Bloom Nijmegen 22
Joe Troost Almere 19
Kenny Bain Laren 18
Bram Weathers SCHC 17
Foppe Houting gooische 16
Matt Dicke cartridge 14
Manuel Verga Almere 13
Cedric Terwel SCHC 13
Jordan Schramel Laren 12
Conor Empey SCHC 12

View the full list of goalscorers here


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