Oceania: Hook in4 Health PNG to receive surprise gift

The PNG Hook in4 Health Mamas group chose to learn to sew as a viable skill they needed for their wellbeing. This proved to be a runaway success with the group able to sew not only for themelves but some of them are realising the potential for small businesses to be developed. After hearing from OHF Board […]

Oceania: Awards presented at the ONOC Conference and Oceania AGM

As the last two AGM’s were held online, although awards announced they were not physically presented. Secretary General David Peebles took the opportunity to officially present Dr Robin Mitchell (see main picture)with his life membership badge at the 2023 ONOC Conference in Brisbane on April 18th. (see Oceania article May 8 2022).  At the OHF […]

Oceania: AGM thanks outgoing President Clare Prideaux

During Clare’s four years of Presidency, Oceania Hockey Association saw significant change, development and strategic progress. During this time there was the establishment of a new Strategic Plan where Clare involved the Pacific Islands to give them a voice in their Hockey future. She instigated the introduction of a Pacific Island Forum to be led […]

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