Stockbroekx hospitalised in playoff semi-final

In the playoff semi-final between l’Orée and Dragons, Manu Stockbroekx and Max Lootens collided with incredible violence at the start of the first period. The defender of the Orée remained on the ground, his mouth bleeding, completely still. Supported and helped by John-John Dohmen, his roommate with the Red Lions, the Antwerp resident was finally evacuated on a stretcher and into a waiting ambulance to rush him to hospital. It was lying from his hospital bed that the international gave us his news at the end of the afternoon after having passed several additional examinations.

Royal Orée's Manu Stockbroekx receiving emergency first aid after collision with Max Lootens
Royal Orée’s Manu Stockbroekx receiving emergency first aid, after collision with Max Lootens

“I don’t remember anything until I got to the hospital where they performed magnetic resonance. Other than that, it’s the complete blackout. I have a small internal bleeding behind my head and have a big cut on my lip. Normally there shouldn’t be too serious consequences but they will still keep me under observation for 2 days to check that everything is fine. And if it doesn’t go away, I should still have a small procedure to remove the blood clot. I hope that all will be well. But I reassure everyone. I’m fine. My head and neck hurt a little. But I get a lot of morphine and it helps me get over the pain. “

Manu Stockbroekx instagram post from his hospital bed.
Manu Stockbroekx instagram post from his hospital bed.

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