Sterk Den Bosch remains undefeated and humiliates SCHC

Still without captain Marloes Keetels, the strong Den Bosch did not get into trouble against top team Stichtsche, which seriously wants to compete for the national title, but received hockey lessons at the Oosterplas on Sunday. The 4-0 final score was a blow to the team from Bilthoven.

What SCHC showed on a visit to Den Bosch was simply not good enough. The swift Welten was a scourge for the defense of Stichtsche. Lucas Judge’s team could not make a fist offensively. Early in the year, the team from Bosschen already play as a champion candidate, in the season in which every point counts, because nobody knows whether the play-offs will be played.

Ireen van den Assem clenches her fist after she has dragged the 1-0 in. Photo: Bart Scheulderman

Into trouble

It was a pass from defender Caia van Maasakker to midfielder Yibbi Jansen that caused problems for SCHC, around their own 23-meter line. Put under pressure by Noor Omrani, Jansen lost the ball. Omrani passed to Welten, who played a wonderful match, dribbled past Van Maasakker and with a fine shot increased the lead to 2-0 for Den Bosch. Halfway through the second quarter, the gap had already been made.

SCHC started the game badly and gave away some big chances. Frédérique Matla could have increased the lead even further in the first half. On the ball that Welten passed from the right after a beautiful action over the back line, Matla was not sharp enough. Den Bosch also skipped the chances carelessly at other times, after Ireen van den Assem had dragged a penalty corner against the board (1-0).

The injured Marloes Keetels looks on from the stands. Photo: Bart Scheulderman

Short revival

By the end of the second quarter, SCHC experienced a revival and decorated a penalty corner, the second of the Bilthovenaren. With Caia van Maasakker also on the head circle, it was Yibbi Jansen who was allowed to tow it, but she did not do that in a targeted manner and her attempt flew past the left post. The fact that goalkeeper Josine Koning had to intervene on a shot from Xan de Waard, was the sign that SCHC was better in the game.

The revival was only short-lived. From the third quarter, Den Bosch was again the better team. The 3-0 was in the air and it took until the end of the third quarter before he fell, via Noor Omrani.

It became even worse for Stichtsche in the fourth quarter, when Den Bosch played a penalty corner variant. Matla did not opt ​​for a drag push, but played the ball back to declarer Pien Sanders. She waited until goalkeeper Alexandra Heerbaart was on the ground and bounced the ball over her (4-0). This made the humiliation even greater for Stichtsche, who had to ask themselves how the result could go so far.

Den Bosch – SCHC (4-0)

7 ‘1-0 (sc)Den BoschIreen van den Assem
28 ‘2-0Den BoschLidewij Welten
51 ‘3-0Den BoschNoor Omrani
61 ‘4-0Den BoschPien Sanders

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