SCHC is still alive: 'Now Laren are making life miserable'

The most exciting minutes of the match between SCHC and Hurley? Without a doubt, those were the last seven. After a rain and thunderstorm break of more than an hour, SCHC defended its 0-1 lead tooth and nail, while Hurley mercilessly increased the pressure. SCHC captain Marnix Kleinsman left the field with blood on his knees. With three points. “We’re alive.”

That something was at stake during the game between former big leaguers Hurley and SCHC was palpable. Solid duels, green and yellow cards and few giveaways: both teams had something to gain on Sunday. For Hurley, a win meant that third place and therefore a play-off spot is secured. Number four SCHC, on the other hand, had to collect three points to keep up with Hurley. That succeeded, thanks to a corner goal by Floris Steenman, halfway through the second half.

Kleinsman and his teammates breathed a sigh of relief after the close victory. ‘It was a chaotic, but fun pot that turned out as we expected. We had to make the game, just like in the first game against Hurley. Then we lost (2-3, ed.), because they were effective on the counter and we didn’t finish our chances. Today we played more business. At the same time, we had no use for a draw. We intended to remove our keeper earlier, but thanks to the 0-1 that was not necessary.’

Marnix Kleinsman in a duel with Hurley player Theun de Leeuw. Photo: Wim Wobbes/Orange Pictures

hours in the locker room

A big challenge was not only to maintain the lead, but also a forced break due to bad weather. While the rain poured down from the sky and thunder and lightning passed over the Amsterdamse Bos, both teams had to keep their energy for the remaining seven minutes. Kleinsman: ‘Looking at each other inside the dressing room for an hour won’t make you feel fitter. Your body has to play hockey for another seven minutes, but it was difficult to activate myself after that time. Still, I think we handled it well. We knew they were going to come and take the keeper off. All we could do was dive in front of it, with blood on our knees, then with our backs against the wall and do everything we could to stop a goal. We did. We fought like lions and deserved to win.’

And so the people of Bilthoven, with clear promotion ambitions , can prepare themselves for two all-decisive rounds. Kleinsman is well aware of this. “We are on a good series. At the beginning of the season we made sure that we are no longer in our own hands. But now we are unbeaten for ten games in a row. Hurley still gets Almere. That will be a difficult game for them, we know from two weeks ago (2-2, ed.). In any case, we remain confident and continue to win everything.’

Frantic attempts by Hurley players Rutger Plat and Tim Strüven and SCHC striker Thijs van Pelt to get hold of the ball. Photo: Wim Wobbes/Orange Pictures

SCHC will have to keep winning that against Laren to begin with. The number one in the Promotion Class can win the championship against SCHC. Kleinsman: ‘We are going to put a stop to that. We want to make Laren’s life miserable. Maybe we’ll make the playoffs after all. Anyway, we’re breathing down Hurley’s neck now.’

Hurley–SCHC 0-1 (0-0)

58. Floris Steenman 0-1


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