Sam Quek shows there is more to Life than GOLD

Olympic gold medallist Samantha Quek had more on her mind when landing in London.

As the team were preparing for live interviews and TV appearances, GB and Holcombe Hockey Club star, Sam Quek was eagerly sorting logistics to make the extra 200 mile trip to Manchester.

Whilst Quek was competing on the biggest stage in front of millions of worldwide viewers, Nanna Dolly was being rushed to the Clatterbridge Hospital after suffering a stroke.

Quek’s family delayed breaking the news about her ‘Nanna’ and idol Dolly, as they knew the impact it would have on the Gold medal winner.

Arriving at the hospital, Sam was fighting of the tears as she proudly sat with her Nanna.

“I can’t believe it. I just keep looking at her, I just can’t believe that she’s here and that she would… come to me.

“She’s worked so hard for this medal, and then for her to come… lovely.” Said Dolly.

Sam Quek added: “I’m so overwhelmed, I’m just welling up just talking about it. My Nanna means so much to me”.

“The family did quite well not to tell me [of her grandmother’s life-threatening condition], knowing how much of an impact that would probably have on my performance, let alone my whole mindset.

“When I found out [after the final against the Netherlands on Saturday], everyone was in the changing room celebrating, champagne and medals, and I just burst out into tears and quickly ran out the changing room.

“I didn’t want to take it away from everyone, what had happened”.

Dolly did however recover in time to watch her Granddaughter on the TV, playing hockey and winning Gold on the biggest stage of all.

Quek later added, “As soon as I got sent a picture of my Nan…watching the match…I felt so much better.

“To see my Nan looking so proud with her face, it just broke my heart – but in a good way.”

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