Round-up Tulip HK (H): Bloemendaal wins top match, Tilburg takes first point

On the fifth match day in the Tulp Hoofdklasse Bloemendaal won the top match against HGC 3-2. Tilburg took the first point of the season by drawing 1-1 against Amsterdam in the Wagener Stadium. Kampong defeated Den Bosch 2-1 and Sebastien Dockier personally gave his team Pinoké the victory against Oranje-Rood (2-3).

Bloemendaal – HGC (3-2)

21 ‘0-1HGCKenta Tanaka
29 ‘0-2HGCSteijn van Heijningen
35 ‘1-2 (sc)BloemendaalTim Swaen
44 ‘2-2BloemendaalJorrit Croon
56 ‘3-2 (sb)BloemendaalArthur Van Doren

HGC appeared to inflict Bloemendaal its first loss of the season. After half an hour, the Wassenaar formation on ‘t Kopje already led 0-2 by hits from Kenta Tanaka and Steijn van Heijningen. Just before half time, Tim Swaen made the connection goal, which gave Bloemendaal a good starting position on points for the second half. Jorrit Croon made a nice 2-2 after the break, after which Arthur van Doren secured the fifth victory in a row for Bloemendaal with a striking penalty ball.

Amsterdam – HC Tilburg (1-1)

15 ‘1-0AmsterdamLuke Dommershuijzen
70 ‘1-1 (sc)HC TilburgGareth Furlong

A bitter pill for Amsterdam, which had to take the equalizer from Tilburg in the final minute. Last week it also happened to the team from Amsterdam against Rotterdam (3-3). Luke Dommershuijzen seemed to have scored the only goal of the game for a long time, but a penalty corner just before the final whistle was used by Gareth Furlong. His goal was Tilburg’s first point this season.

Orange-Red – Pinoké (2-3)

33 ‘1-0 (sc)Orange-RedJoep de Mol
51 ‘1-1PinokéSebastien Dockier
54 ‘1-2PinokéSebastien Dockier
66 ‘2-2Orange-RedJim van de Venne
69 ‘2-3PinokéSebastien Dockier

With three goals, Sebastien Dockier was undisputedly the Man of the Match. The Belgian gave Pinoké its third win of the season, putting the team in third place in the Tulp Dutch Major League. For Orange-Red, the grapes were sour. The Eindhoven-squad saw a series of three games stopped without a loss. In addition, there was also the injury of penalty corner specialist Teun Beins.

Kampong – Den Bosch (2-1)

7 ‘1-0KampongFine Phijffer
42 ‘1-1Den BoschKoen Bees
64 ‘2-1KampongTies Ceulemans

Kampong remains in the rankings in the wake of leader Bloemendaal. Den Bosch was defeated 2-1 in Utrecht. After Boet Phijffer opened the score for Kampong, the team failed to take a bigger lead. Goalkeeper Loïc van Doren van Den Bosch turned the awarded penalty ball. Kampong seemed to be costly when Koen Bijen scored the tying run after the break. Still, Roelant Oltmans’ team took the longest. Ties Ceulemans made the winning goal just before the end.

Little Switzerland – Almere (2-1)

32 ‘1-0Little SwitzerlandRogier Schaeffers
66 ‘2-0Little SwitzerlandMarco Miltkau
70 ‘2-1AlmereRyan Julius

Little Switzerland has the first victory of the season in the bag. At home, the Steenbokken defeated Almere 2-1. Here, too, the decision fell in the final phase. German international Marco Miltkau doubled the lead of Little Switzerland four minutes before the end, which had come to 1-0 via Rogier Schaeffers before half time. Ryan Julius’ goal in the final minute did not endanger the victory of Little Switzerland.

Rotterdam – Hurley (1-0)

14 ‘1-0RotterdamJoaquín Menini

After three draws in a row, Rotterdam finally took the full win again. Joaquin Menini’s goal in the first quarter was the decision in the game with Hurley. De Bosuils had a great chance at the equalizer, but Rotterdam keeper Derk Meijer turned Hurley’s penalty ball.

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