Rescheduling of the Euro Hockey Championships

Following the announcement from the IOC of the rescheduled dates for Tokyo 2020 to 2021, it was clear that the EHF and our hosts for the EuroHockey Championships and Championships II would be compelled to change the dates. 

EuroHockey Championships, Men and Women, Amsterdam, The Netherlands will now be played from 4th till 13th June 2021

Following full and frank discussions with all the stakeholders and bearing in mind other sporting events, the EHF and KNHB, with the full support of the FIH, are moving the coveted EuroHockey Championships Men and Women to early June.

The European Hockey Federation (EHF) President, Marijke Fleuren said “It was clear that as soon as the Olympic dates were rescheduled, we (EHF and KNHB) would have to look at alternative dates for the EuroHockey Championships.

It is like putting together a tricky jigsaw puzzle, each piece simply has to fit, or the full picture is not revealed.

We are very grateful to all the stakeholders who have shared their views thrashed out many scenarios and come to the best possible solution.

To pre-empt any questions on the early dates I would add that as the EuroHockey Championships is an FIH World Cup Qualifier, we don’t believe that hosting it post an Olympic Games would be wise or fair to any of our stakeholders, especially our athletes.”

Erik Gerritsen, CEO KNHB: “We are fully aware that it is anything but certain that we can organize the EuroHockey Championships in June 2021 under ‘normal’ circumstances. Nobody knows what the situation with regard to the coronavirus will be then. All we know is that it is not yet possible to organize large public events in The Netherlands. That is why we are not yet starting ticket sales, but we will be looking at the situation in the coming months and the prospects for public events. ”

Gerritsen continued: “However, it is nice for the participating teams that a date has now been set. And now that the dates of the EuroHockey Championships have been determined, we also know what the international calendar for 2021 looks like, although the matches for the FIH Pro League have yet to be planned. In any case, we can now start working on a balanced competition schedule together with the Hoofdklasse clubs in our country. ”

We are delighted to confirm the Pools which have been approved by the FIH and are based on the current FIH Rankings, the match schedule will follow in due course: 

Men Pool AMen Pool BWomen Pool A Women Pool B 

EuroHockey Championship II, Men Gniezno, Poland, 15th – 21st August 2021 

EuroHockey Championship II, Women, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th – 21st August 2021

The EHF, in collaboration with the Polish and Czech Hockey Associations, has agreed to push out the EuroHockey Championship II, Men and Women until after the Olympic Games, they were both due to take place from 1st – 7th August 2021. 

This decision was made with our athletes and clubs at its core to ensure that our players will be able to get back to their clubs ahead of the domestic hockey season in the competing nations. In addition, the dates avoid a clash with the Olympic Games, which will give the opportunity for players who play in the Olympics to play in both events, if selected.

Marijke reiterated that the decision-making process was the same for the Championship II as for the Championship. She added her sincere thanks to the Polish and Czech Associations who have worked with the EHF to find the most appropriate dates for the events to take place in Gniezno and Prague.  

Speaking to President Jacek Sobolewski of the Polish Hockey Association he said: “We are delighted that another international hockey event will take place in the beautiful and historical city of Gniezno. I believe that the postponement of the dates will allow everyone to have proper preparation and deliver their best hockey during this tournament. Our staff and local organizers are looking forward to welcoming the teams in Poland!”

Gino Schilders, President of Czech Hockey added “Although our players regret the rescheduling of the tournament and the new dates for 2021 will provide a challenge for everybody, we have shaken off our first concerns and started to work hard on the preparations to be successful both on and of the pitch. We are happy that the new dates are already known well in advance which gives us the opportunity to plan ahead.”

Marijke concluded “Now is the time for a positive message that we have been able to secure these revised dates for the Championships and Championships II events and we are delighted to be able to make this announcement today. 

“Of course, all of the planning for 2021 is based on the hope that COVID19 will be more under control, that there will be again free and easy travel within Europe. Should that not be the case and WHO and Government restrictions are still in place, then this decision will be revisited with our stakeholders.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who has been involved in this complex process and we are aware that not everyone will be fully happy with these decisions, but we are sure that these are the best decisions that we can make at this time bearing in mind all of the interests of our stakeholders and with fairness at the heart of the decisions.”

Pools and match schedules for the Championships II will be announced in due course. 

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