Promising Signs For Resumption of Hockey Following Government Announcements

Following the Government announcements earlier today (Monday), there are now signs of what will be allowed during the next return to play. Whilst the headlines are promising there is not yet clarity on the detailed implications for hockey or the nature of what will be allowed in what tier from December 2.

England Hockey have been working with Sport England, DCMS and the other team sports and were able to demonstrate that outdoor team sports can be played safely and with extremely low Covid-19 transmission risks. Indeed, both government scientists and politicians have admitted this in statements in recent weeks. The good work hockey clubs have done in putting in place safe environments, following the guidance and reporting cases has been invaluable in providing evidence to government.

We are now very optimistic that hockey will be able to be played before Christmas in line with Tier 5 of our Return To Play (RTP) guidance, as we were able to prior to the second lockdown. However, as was the case then, restrictions specific to certain areas may well still impact on what is possible.

As soon as guidance on the new tiered alert levels becomes available and the implications can be considered we will issue updated guidance. We hope this will be in the next few days.

England Hockey Board Media release

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