Pro-League: The Lioness’ Are Unstoppable

The Argentine national team added its tenth victory in a row in the FIH Pro League. The result of the first game was repeated and the victory was 3-1 against China.

Julieta Jankunas scored the first goal against China. (Rodrigo Jaramillo / WorldSportsPics)

One, two, three… eight, nine, ten! Las Leonas reached ten consecutive victories in ten games in the FIH Pro League and comfortably lead the table in the final stretch of the tournament, which also serves as preparation for the World Cup in Spain-Netherlands, to which the national team will arrive with spirits through the roof and with a solid and forceful game that led them to have an average of less than one goal against and three in favour per game.

This time China tried to attack Argentina from the start with sharp attacks that began in the first quarter. In any case, the defensive firmness of the Lionesses kept the goal at zero. Already in the second quarter, the Chinese took the lead with a penalty corner drag. The selected had a couple of entries to the area but could not be capitalized.

In the second half, the Lionesses came to a tie. A cross-shot by María José Granatto found the deflection by Julieta Jankunas for the 1-1 while China responded with a well-resolved short by Barbieri, who had her chance to show herself in the goal in which Succi is the absolute starter. Many more emotions came in the last quarter and the winner defined the match. First, there was a drag from Gorzelany that caused the great Chinese scare. Immediately, another short by the defender was saved by the goalkeeper, but the play led to a new fix that was again saved by the rival. Until Argentina reached the goal through -now yes- a new drag from Agustina Gorzelany. Already close to the goal, Victoria Granatto overflowed, sent the centre back and Jankunas’ deflection passed close to the goal.

The winner had one more chance in the Valencian afternoon. Gorzelany had a new opportunity with the short film (all the fixed ones from Argentina were in the final chapter) but he was not given it and despite the fact that the Argentines asked for the ref video, the referees did not agree with him and the result was sealed.

Now comes the trip to Berlin. On Saturday, at 8:30, the Lionesses will face Germany, a tougher opponent than China. It will be another chance to add, to grow… and to reach 11.

Press CAH.

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