Pro-League: Las Leonas Became Pro League Champions for the First Time

Las Leonas became champions of the Pro League this Saturday, for the first time in their history, with two games still to play and without having taken the field. Julieta Jankunas was part of that squad.

India was the only one that had a chance to fight for the title with Argentina (it had 22 points and 18 to play for). But they lost to Belgium 2-1 and even if they win the remaining five games, they could no longer beat Las Leonas.

The women’s team had an excellent campaign and could close the tournament without defeat. He played 14 games out of the 16 planned in the League, won 12 and drew two with the Netherlands, remaining undefeated in a tournament that started with a lot of uncertainty even due to the pandemic but that began to look like normality. Thus he managed to reach 38 points.

The team learned of his consecration while training and the celebration was very emotional inside the gym. The Hockey Federation uploaded the images at the moment.

The impetus for the great World Cup event is now different. The Lionesses will travel to Europe next week to play the remainder of the Pro League against India on June 18-19 in Rotterdam.

From there, they will go to Spain and wait for the big day; on July 2 when they debut for Korea in Group C.

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