Pro-League: Danas Narrowly Lose to Argentina

FIH Pro League Women: Germany vs. Argentina 2:1 (0:1)

In the FIH Pro League today, May 21, the Danas met Argentina. In the first of two games on the Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld in Berlin, the team of coach Valentin Altenburg had to admit defeat after 60 minutes with 1:2. Viktoria Huse scored the goal for Germany after a penalty corner. Eugenia Trinchinetti and Augustina Gorzelany also scored for Argentina from a penalty corner.


Argentina makes the game, Germany has the better chances

It took less than two minutes for the German circle to flare up for the first time, but goalkeeper Anna Kilian saved the Danas from falling behind early on. Only a little later it went too fast for the German defense team again, but this time the Argentinian attempt just missed its target (4th). The Danas had problems with the high pressing of the South Americans and could only keep them out of their own circle with great difficulty. The Danas had their first chance after 13 minutes. After winning the ball high, Lena Micheel fired in from the inside right, but failed to hit the ball properly, allowing Argentina keeper Belen Succi to parry. Only seconds before the end, Maike Schaunig took a deflected, high ball directly from an acute angle,


Mistakes in the build-up lead to a goal

The Danas came into action after the quarter break and had a chance to take the lead just seconds after kick-off, but a cross from Lena Micheel didn’t go through to their team-mates. In the 18th minute, it was the Argentines who sniffed the lead, but a penalty corner landed just wide of the German goal. Three minutes (21st) later, the Argentinians scored the opening goal. After a German loss of the ball, the South Americans switched quickly and Eugenia Trinchinetti held out the racquet after a pass from the right side, from where the ball trundled into the goal. As a result, the Danas tried to find an answer, but Valentin Altenburg’s players were not really compelled to do so.

A penalty corner puts the Danas back in play

Argentina remained the more active and dangerous team after half-time. In the 35th minute, Julietta Jankunas ran completely free towards the German goal, but did not hit the ball completely, so Anna Kilian was able to parry the shot without any problems. Kilian was also able to defuse an Argentine penalty corner (37′). It was better with the Danas. In the 41st minute, defender Viktoria Huse converted a penalty corner to make it 1-1. The equalizer, it was obvious, gave the Danas increasing impetus, but several opportunities remained untapped.


That’s exactly how I want to lose with my team 

Valentin Altenburg, National Coach

The Danas were now pushing for the opening goal, but Valentin Altenburg’s players were unable to convert promising chances into a goal. But as is so often the case. If you don’t take your chances up front, it becomes dangerous at the back. Again it was a penalty corner that gave the South Americans the lead. Augustina Gorzelany threw the ball into the German goal to make it 2-1 (51′). Now it was the Argentines who were looking for the preliminary decision. Vicoria Granatto failed with an Argentinian backhand to Anna Kilian (53rd). The South Americans played down the remaining minutes in top-flight style, allowing the Danas to barely threaten to get into the circle to deservedly win the first of two games 2-1.

Comments on the game:

Valentin Altenburg, national coach: 

“We played mega intensive 60 minutes. We have specifically decided to ask the Argentines, who have won all their games in the FIH Pro League so far, questions and present them with problems. We also went into the game with the attitude that we also wanted to win. We played a lot of Danas hockey, but we failed again and again because of the Argentines. But as the game progressed, we got through it better and better and can be really satisfied with the performance. A few mistakes were pointed out to us and we learned the hard way, but that’s exactly what we need to take the next steps as a team. We are now working on developing a style of play that also allows us to win. That was a step in exactly the right direction.”

Charlotte Stapenhorst, forward: 

“It was a terrific backdrop, a terrific setting in Berlin. That was special! We still lose 2-1, that’s not great. But you have to say that Argentina almost started with the World Cup team and is very well attuned. But we played well and prevented a lot of chances. Luckily there’s another repeat tomorrow. We did very well today for such a large squad.”

Nike Lorenz, captain: 

“We really fought our way into the game, we enjoy that we get so much appreciation in Berlin. We really wanted to win and I think you could see that from the first second. In terms of play, we then implemented it really well over time. We played very bravely and showed that we want to win. There will definitely be more tomorrow!”

Game details:

Germany vs EnglandMay 21, 2022, Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld, Berlin
1st quarter No goals
2nd quarter0-1 – Eugenia Trinchinetti 
3rd quarter1:1 – Viktoria Huse (PC)
4th quarter1:2 – Augustina Gorzelany (PC)
Detailed statistics on deployment times etc. can be found here:https://tms.fih.ch/matches/16125
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