Pro-League: Belgium Red Panthers Bounce Back Against India

The Belgian players straightened the bar perfectly after the match against China. They offered a mature performance, even if they got into trouble at the end of the game.


After the fairly average performance against China on Wednesday evening, Belgium wanted to regain their feelings against an Indian team that they have not faced since 2015 and are currently 3rd in the Pro League. A most interesting test 4 days before the announcement of Raoul Ehren’s World Cup selection. This meeting was therefore a great opportunity for some players to show off and earn points from the national coach.

If the start of the game was to the advantage of the visitors, the Panthers were quick to find their marks and launch an assault on the opposing goal. And after 3 minutes, Barbara Nelen concluded in a very beautiful way a magnificent collective action in one time. This opening of the score allowed the Belgians to manage the rest of the debates more calmly. They dominated the exchanges but they struggled to double the mark despite several pc (5 in the first period). For their part, the Indians, not sufficiently aggressive in the duels, only obtained a penalty during these first 30 minutes.

The second period started with a new penalty but the score did not move. But it was done, in the 35th minute, via Ambre Ballenghien (2-0). A just reward for the efforts made since the beginning of the debates. The Red Panthers were perfectly in their meeting and they did not relax their grip on the debates. In the last quarter of an hour, when no one thought that the Indians could come back into the game, Lalremsiani took advantage of a loss of ball in the circle to come back to score (48th). But the last minutes were to the advantage of the Belgians who were never worried again.

Belgium climbs to 6th place in the world

“We needed a bit of time to get into the game,” said Emma Puvrez, once again excellent. “But overall we put on a good performance, although at times we played their game a little too much. After the match against China, we had to improve some things. We got a lot of goal opportunities that way. We watched a lot of videos to correct the situation following Wednesday. I recognize that the next selection is running through the minds of some players. There is a little stress in the group. But this healthy competition is beneficial for the group. Everyone pulls themselves up and must give 110%. »

A 5th victory in the Pro League (in 11 games) which above all allows Belgium to climb to 6th place in the world. The highest ranking ever achieved by the Red Panthers. Something to boost them a little more as they work out the final details of their preparation for the World Cup.

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