Panthers stride to encouraging progress

Belgium won a second success against the United States (6-1). Although there is still work to be done before the Euro, the progress is very encouraging.

After their conclusive victory on Saturday in their first duel (3-0), the Panthers have returned to cover against the 15th nation in the world. A third success in the Pro League which allows Belgian players to confirm their good form three weeks before the start of the European Championship which will take place in Amsterdam at the beginning of June. The start of the meeting was sluggish, however. Belgian domination was sterile and the Americans did not seem able to offer much better than the day before. However, they inherited the first opportunity of the meeting in the 10th minute but Laura Hurff’s sleep was well repelled by Elodie Picard.

The Belgians had to wait until the start of the second quarter to create a real possibility and… score their first goal via Ambre Ballenghien (16th). The visitors tried to react but the 2nd pc gave nothing either. Justine Rasir got a good chance to double the Panthers’ lead but her shot lacked conviction. In the 23rd minute, on a penalty kick, Stephanie Vanden Borre found the loophole before Shaunda Ikegwonu (24th) allowed his team to take off at the scorer (3-0).

After the break, it only took 45 seconds for Ambre Ballenghien to get a double and start the second half. It was then Stephanie Vanden Borre who took charge of registering the number 5 (34th) before Lucie Breyne’s goal in the same minute. The Red Panthers, with Aisling D’Hooghe in goal, ended in freewheeling against a team from the United States totally unable to react or find a parry to return to the game. Tiphaine Duquesne even missed a stroke in the 51st minute. Lilia Gonzales saved the honor for the visitors, 3 minutes later (6-1).

“In addition to the 9 goals scored this weekend, I am happy with the energy we put into these 2 matches,” said Barbara Nelen. “The team is fighting together. We are winning a lot of balls and our press has become much more efficient. I am really happy with this great development. “

The results of this weekend are therefore very positive even if there is still work to be done. But the Panthers are on the right track. It’s a certainty. Belgium will play its very last Pro League meeting against the Netherlands on Sunday May 30 at 2 p.m. ET. Enough to settle the very last details before tackling the European Championship, a week later, against Germany.

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