Pakistan: PSB urged to call PHF congress at earliest

Pakistan hockey team – AFP 

ISLAMABAD: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Hockey Association President Zahir Shah has demanded early requisition of the Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) Congress to end the stalemate that surfaced following the Pakistan Sports Board’s (PSB) suspension letter.

Talking to The News, Zahir said there had been no PHF Congress meeting since August 19, 2022.

“It is a must for any federation, especially in the case of PHF, to hold a Congress meeting at least once a year. There has been no such meeting since August 19, 2022. Moreover, the Executive Board is bound to meet at least once in a three-month time. We have not had any Board meetings for the last eight to nine months now. The board has to give necessary approvals, which later get the backing of Congress. I wonder how the system has been working here. Any financial expenditures require Board and Congress coverage. It is sad that no such approval has been sought from the Board or Congress.”

Zahir added that the PHF is not confined to three top office-bearers only.

“It comprises vice-presidents, associate secretary and other office-bearers. If the PSB suspended all the office-bearers that means that everyone is there. Majority of the office-bearers will not move the court. No single or few officials have the authority to move the court. They need support from all officials, barring which it would be difficult for the PHF’s main office-bearers to defend their case,” KP Hockey Association’s president, who also recorded his video statement, said.

Zahir said that the PHF Congress is a supreme body. “Congress members’ approval is a must for any expenditures. No such approval has been sought. Budget estimates have yet to be approved,” he said.

He also called for convening a Congress meeting at the earliest.

“There are around 102 Congress members who attended the August 2022 meeting. The meeting must be convened to decide the federation’s fate that is hanging in the balance at present. The PSB must leave it to the elected federation that will come into power after the Congress meeting to decide the fate of those districts where elections are yet to be held.” 

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