Pakistan: Immediate PHF elections need of the hour

Pakistan hockey players in action – PHF

ISLAMABAD: The four-member Committee empowered to look into the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) performance and to suggest future course of action has recommended immediate elections of the federation to help streamline affairs ahead of the Asian Games, Olympic Qualifying round and Junior Asia Cup.

The committee that met under Director General Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Shoaib Khoso included former Olympians Akhtar Rasool, Shahnaz Sheikh, and Islahuddin Siddiqui. 

Following over two hours of meeting it was decided to forward recommendations to Patron in Chief, requesting for appointment of a care-taker committee to hold free and fair elections.

One of the members of the committee told The News that the disaffiliated PHF did not bother to answer queries sent by the committee following the last meeting. 

“We have shared Pakistan’s performance in international hockey during the last seven years and have recommended that there is a dire need for a fresh beginning.

An ad-hoc or care-taker committee should be formed to hold free and fair federations elections so that Pakistan hockey should be set on a right track,” one of the members said. The committee also decided to write on the un-supporting behavior of the federation.

“The federation did not respond to all queries which were sent to them. The Committee has been formed under the direct orders of the Prime Minister who is the Patron in Chief. The PM has got all the powers to decide on hockey affairs. The Federation’s inability to cooperate with the committee is surprising,” the member added.

The former Olympian said their first duty was to complete the task given by the Prime Minister and that is to go through the last seven years’ performance and to finalize a roadmap for the federation’s elections.

“Look these are critical times for Pakistan hockey and not only the Asian Games are around the corner, the qualification for the Olympic Games is also at stake. We have given a clear verdict and that is to hold free and fair elections under a neutral set-up. The year 2023 is very important for Pakistan hockey, hence there is a need for immediate decisions.”

The member of the committee said these recommendations will also be forwarded to the PM appointed high-profile committee that includes IPC Minister Ehsan Mazari, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, and Ayaz Sadiq “I think it will be a waste of time if we continue with repeated meetings. We have finalized the recommendations which are now being sent to the PM and to a high profile committee,” he said.

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