Netherlands: Round-up Tulip Hk (H): Kampong Beats Pinoké, Den Bosch Beats HGC

Leader Kampong was 4-3 too strong for Pinoké in the Amsterdamse Bos on Sunday. HGC had to acknowledge its superiority in Den Bosch (2-4) and HDM defeated last-placed Voordaan with 5-2. The third PhD student, Schaerweijde, lost out against Amsterdam (3-1).

Pinoké – Kampong 3-4

For the second weekend in a row, Pinoké was left empty-handed after a top race. Last week Bloemendaal (4-1) was too strong and this time the Stingneuzen lost 4-3 to Kampong. The Utrecht formation quickly fell behind, then lost a 3-1 lead, but eventually took the win. Duco Telgenkamp scored the decisive goal. It was his second of the afternoon and ninth of the season. Jip Janssen scored his 96th official goal for the Utrecht team. With the win, Kampong remains unbeaten in the lead in the Tulip Hoofdklasse. Pinoké drops to sixth place, but will play the make-up match against Amsterdam next Thursday.

3. Miles Bukkens 1-0
12. Rik Sprengers 1-1
22. Duco Telgenkamp 1-2
25. Jip Janssen 1-3 (sc)
38. Noud Schoenaker 2-3
40. Morris de Vilder 3-3
58. Duco Telgenkamp 3-4

HGC – Den Bosch 2-4

For the first time since April 21, 2013, Den Bosch once again beat HGC at the Roggewoning. At the time it was 1-2, this time the game ended in 2-4 thanks to two goals from Koen Bijen. By the way, the Bossche formation only registered its second win in the last eight away games in the Tulip Hoofdklasse. HGC suffered its fifth defeat in nine league matches and therefore remains in the lower regions of the ranking.

4. Koen Bijen 0-1
10. Fabian Unterkircher 0-2
26. Koen Bijen 0-3
37. Alan Forsyth 1-3
39. Jeremy Hayward 1-4 (sc)
42. Lucas Veen 2-4

HDM – Before 5-2

The two clubs have never faced each other in the Tulip Hoofdklasse before. HDM won the first head-to-head confrontation on Sunday with 5-2. It was the first victory of the team from The Hague after six league matches without a win (G2 V4). Hekkensluiter Voordaan remains on the hateful zero due to the defeat, the ninth of the season. The last victory of the Groenekanners in the Tulip Hoofdklasse dates from April 3, 2016. Then Hurley was defeated 2-1.

2. Kieran Dartée 1-0 (sc)
9. Yorben Fontaine 2-0
21. Kieran Dartée 3-0 (sc)
40. Quintijn van Rheenen 3-1 (sc)
46. Quintijn van Rheenen 3-2 (sc)
52 Yorben Fontaine 4-2
54. Wiegert Schut 5-2 (sc)

Wiegert Schut (HDM) cheers after his goal against Voordaan (5-2). Photo: Willem Vernes

Amsterdam – Schaerweijde 3-1

Amsterdam seems to have slowly started its way up. For the third time in a row, the team from Amsterdam remained unbeaten. At home, PhD student Schaerweijde was defeated 3-1. It was the 29th mutual duel and Amsterdam took the full loot for the sixteenth time. Schaerweijde suffered its eighth loss in its last nine games in the Tulip big league.

3. Mirco Pruyser 1-0
21. Valentin Verga 2-0
36. Jur van der Have 2-1
51. Mirco Pruyser 3-1 (sc)

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