Netherlands: Oranje-Rood Drags Third Game Out of the Fire Against Tilburg

Oranje-Rood managed to pull out a third game after shoot-outs on Saturday afternoon against Tilburg (2-2). After five minutes, the team from Eindhoven was already 0-1 behind and the situation seemed hopeless, but Janneke van de Venne scored two goals in the third quarter. Shoot-outs took the Orange-Red better than Tilburg this time. On Sunday at 12:30 PM in Tilburg, the decision will be made who will play in the Dutch big league and in the Promotion class next season. 

All or nothing for Oranje-Rood. That must have been the motto after last Thursday’s loss (after shoot-outs) . But Tilburg thought otherwise. Not once had the visitors been in the Orange-Red circle, when it immediately decorated three consecutive penalty corners. Tilburg captain Ireen van den Assem put in three times. The effort of the former international was first turned by goalkeeper Sarah Sinck and later by Lisa Post, but three times it turned out to be a charm. Van den Assem pushed in the 0-1 through the middle, through Sinck’s legs.

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – MAY 21: Fans and supporters of Oranje Rood during the Play-Outs 2022 Hockey Dames match between Oranje Rood D1 and Tilburg D1 at Genneper Sportpark on May 21, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands (Photo by Joris Verwijst/Orange Pictures)

Orange-Red fans create an atmosphere.

But where there was a scarcity of opportunities during the first match on Thursday, it was different on Saturday at the Aalsterweg. Oranje-Rood also got two corners in the first fifteen minutes. The first bet failed via Marlena Rybacha and then Floor Hoogers pushed on Maddie Hinch’s legguard. The greatest chance of the equalizer came from the stick of Fiona Morgenstern. Ryabacha found the Orange striker free in the circle, but her direct tip ended up on the post. 

Full on the defense

Trijntje Beljaars and Janneke van de Venne were dangerous with their backhand and captain Lisa Scheerlink also got a chance with her forehand. The moments that Tilburg moved across the center line could be counted on one hand. Ageeth Boomgaardt’s team threw it all on the defense. 

But the defense of Tilburg also cracked sometimes. And rarely, but here and there did drop a few stitches. Especially when Janneke van de Venne got it on her hips. Van de Venne equalized via a corner after tapping in Lisa Post’s shot. And moments later she was completely the goldcrest when she also signed for the 2-1 lead. Everything that Oranje-Rood had a warm heart for, went wild in Eindhoven. 

Joy at Oranje-Red after the lead against Tilburg. Photo: Orange Pictures

Second goal for Ireen van den Assem

Tilburg was next. And again that went pretty quickly. Inge Dankers intercepted a ball and had a free passage towards goalkeeper Sarah Sinck, who overstepped Dankers. Penalty for Tilburg. And again there was Van den Assem, who scored the second Tilburg goal: 2-2. 

Orange-Red did not leave it at that. Rob Haantjes’ team got three more corners in the final phase, but time and again Maddie Hinch was an obstacle. Tilburg seemed to be fine with another round of shoot-outs and did not attack anymore. Orange-Red put pressure, forced, but didn’t score more. 

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – MAY 21: Ireen van den Assem of Tilburg D1 celebrates after scoring her sides first goal during the Play-Outs 2022 Hockey Dames match between Oranje Rood D1 and Tilburg D1 at Genneper Sportpark on May 21, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands (Photo by Joris Verwijst/Orange Pictures)

Shoot-outs again determined the winner of the game between Oranje-Rood and Tilburg. This time, Oranje-Rood did better than Tilburg and the decision will be made on Sunday afternoon, at the Oude Warande. 

Orange-Red* – Tilburg 2-2 (0-1)
*win after shoot-outs (4-2)

5. Ireen van den Assem 0-1 (sc)
37. Janneke van de Venne 1-1 (sc)
41. Janneke van de Venne 2-1
51. Ireen van den Assem 2-2 (sb)

Sian Keil (OR) RAAK 1-0
Marloes Timmermans (Tilburg) MIS 1-0
Fiona Morgenstern (OR) RAAK 2-0
Donja Zwinkels (Tilburg) RAAK 2-1
Carmen Victoria (OR) RAAK 3-1
Cis IJpelaar (Tilburg) MIS 3-1
Floor Hoogers (OR) MIS 3-1
Inge Dankers (Tilburg) HIT 3-2
Pauline Leclef (OR) HIT 4-2

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