The Orange teams travel with considerably changed compositions to the Pro League matches in London. With the men there are eleven different players within the lines than during the matches in Eindhoven. Among the women, a number of big names stay at home and four returners join.

Pien Sanders, Rosa Fernig, Marente Barentsen and Julia Remmerswaal make their comeback in the women’s team of national coach Paul van Ass. Kyra Fortuin and Lidewij Welten are missing due to (minor) hamstring complaints. Xan de Waard, Felice Albers, Yibbi Jansen, Frédérique Matla, Josine Koning and Maria Verschoor get some rest. “We have made a strong appeal to them in recent matches,” said Van Ass about the absence of these six iconic players. ‘And we will do that again during the next Pro League series in the Wagener Stadium. This is a good time to leave them at home for a while, with an alternative program.”

Van Ass takes eighteen players for the two meetings against the United States. On Saturday and Monday afternoon, the Orange will meet the number fifteen in the world. In the absence of permanent captain Xan de Waard, Pien Sanders wears the captain’s armband.

Thierry Brinkman is back in London. Photo: William Vernes
Thierry Brinkman is back in London. Photo: William Vernes

No risks for the men

With the men, the captain returns for the double meeting with Spain, which will be completed on Friday and Monday. Thierry Brinkman got a rest for the four duels in Eindhoven, but is back in London. This also applies to the other five internationals from Bloemendaal; Jasper Brinkman, Teun Beins, Dennis Warmerdam, Floris Wortelboer and Maurits Visser. The Kampong enclave is also there again, with the exception of Jip Janssen (injury to his finger) and goalgetter Duco Telgenkamp can recover from his season. Lars Balk, Derck de Vilder, Jonas de Geus, Silas Lageman and Terrance Pieters will board the plane with the Netherlands on Thursday.

Just like Janssen, Tijmen Reyenga (knee), Jorrit Croon (hand) and Seve van Ass (hamstring) also suffer from injuries. “We don’t want to take any risks with them,” said national coach Jeroen Delmée. “In this phase, we prefer to be a little more careful than to lose these guys for longer.” The injuries created room to give connected potentials even more playing minutes. Pepijn Reyenga, Boris Burkhardt, Max de Bie and Sheldon Schouten – all debuted last week – will therefore also make an appearance in London.

The Rotterdam trio Tjep Hoedemakers, Justen Blok and Derk Meijer get some rest. Jaïr van der Horst and David Huussen have dropped out of the team for the London trip, but they will join the training sessions towards the Pro League games in Amsterdam. Timo Boers and Luke Dommershuijzen join the Dutch Juniors, of which Miles Bukkens and Telgenkamp can also be part. The latter couple first enjoys a holiday after their play-offs and first international matches.

Selection Orange Women, Pro League London

Marente Barentsen Hurley
Joosje Burg Den Bosch
Pien Dicke SCHC
Rosa Fernig Den Bosch
Luna Fokke Kampong
Margot van Geffen HGC
Marleen Jochems Hurley
Sanne Koolen Den Bosch
Renée van Laarhoven SCHC
Freeke Moes Amsterdam
Laura Nunnink Den Bosch
Sabine Plönissen Amsterdam
Lisa Post SCHC
Julia Remmerswaal HDM
Pien Sanders Den Bosch
Marijn Veen Amsterdam
Anne Veenendaal (k) Amsterdam
Elzemiek Zandee SCHC

Selectie Orange Men, Pro League London

Lars Balk Kampong
Teun Beins Bloemendaal
Max de Bie Oranje Rood
Koen Bijen Den Bosch
Pirmin Blaak (k) Oranje Rood
Jasper Brinkman Bloemendaal
Thierry Brinkman Bloemendaal
Boris Burkhardt Amsterdam
Thijs van Dam Rotterdam
Jonas de Geus Kampong
Steijn van Heijningen Rotterdam
Silas Lageman Kampong
Floris Middendorp Amsterdam
Joep de Mol Oranje Rood
Terrance Pieters Kampong
Pepijn Reijenga Den Bosch
Sheldon Schouten Oranje Rood
Jasper Tukkers Den Bosch
Derck de Vilder Kampong
Maurits Visser Bloemendaal
Dennis Warmerdam Bloemendaal
Floris Wortelboer Bloemendaal

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