Netherlands Name Keetels as New Capatin

Annan: “Marloes Keetels’s new captain of the Orange Ladies”

Coach Alyson Annan appointed Marloes Keetels as the new leader of the Orange Women. Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel and Lidewij Welten her vice-captains. The three form part of a new “Leader Group” who will talk with the staff. Margot van Geffen and Kelly Jonker complete the group.

When asked about the “Leader Group”, Annan said, “This group discusses things with the staff about the team, everyone has their own role in the group.” In the past, there has already been a kind of unofficial leader group. Annan named the group to give clarity to the team. “It is not true that that group alone has the responsibility,” Annan warned. “Everyone has their own responsibility.”

Varying Performance

Orange Women today come back from their two-week internship in Spain. With a large group of 32 players were alternately performed during the four matches. “We played a new system,” says Annan. “The first two games, which ended in 6-1 and 5-1, we could put it down well and we created many chances.” Annan will not go into details regarding the new system, but claims that she has used a lot of the speed in the squad.

The third game against Spain was regarded as an official international match. Precisely that game was not good in Orange. “We were too hesitant and created a few chances,” Annan says. “That game we do not have optimal performance.”

Pien Sanders, Maxime Kerstholt, Margot Zuidhof and Julia Remmerswaal made their official international debuts. In addition, some players also played their first international match in years. “They have done well and fought hard for it. We also wanted to see how they would play with pressure on it, which you obviously have less in friendly matches.  As some will have played the pressure, so we now have more information about it. “It was not just the press, Annan says. The team, after the first two clear victories, too easy-going. “That creeps in. It ended up being a good lesson. You should always perform at your best. ”

That seems to do with mentality. Where Annan precisely selected. “We have a combination of fighters and beautiful hockey. But I’ve seen the good mentality. That one match brought a lot with it. There happened a lot in the group. People started counting:. If they did or did not participate in the first or second game, if they do then the third would join “That unrest was the fourth and final game. Who the Orange Ladies won again: 2-1. In that game, many opportunities have been created again, Annan says. “But not complete enough.”

New Start

“Both on and off the field this was a new start,” says Annan. “We have a clear picture of the players. Many players have put down something good here in Spain. ”

Of the original group of 32, Lieke Hulsen had to quickly return home with an Achilles tendon tear on the second day in Spain. With other members of the group also being sent home with injuries, Annan noted. “It was a shock. But Ellen is a fighter. For her, it’s the hardest. She got a lot of support from the group and we have kept in touch with her. But the group must continue. ”

Despite the large group everyone played at least one game. Except Kimberly Thompson, who got injured, and keeper Anne Veenendaal. “She had been suffering for some time struggling with her knee,” says Annan. “We agreed that she came with me on stage and would witness the new start”.


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