Netherlands: Jansen leads the Orange with two goals to a difficult victory over China

The Dutch national team made a 4-2 win on coach Alyson Annan’s China on Saturday afternoon in Eindhoven. It was expected in advance that the Orange would hockey carefree to a victory, but in the end the win in the Pro League came about with difficulty. Yibbi Jansen helped the Netherlands to two goals by cashing in two penalty corners.

A penalty corner variant from China that was not seen through (0-1), a bad pass from Sabine Plönissen that led to the 2-2. The Orange had a lot more trouble with China this time than last Wednesday. Then the game ended in a carefree 4-0 win. Now the Netherlands fell behind and had to roll up its sleeves a few times in order not to lose points. Over the entire match, the Orange was a class better than Annan’s China.

Compared to last Thursday’s masterclass against Australia (7-2 win), national coach Paul van Ass had made two changes. Attacker Freeke Moes and defender Sabine Plönissen returned to the match selection. They replaced Marijn Veen and Marleen Jochems. Lidewij Welten and Kyra Fortuin again stayed aside.

Jochems was left with a painful souvenir of her debut in the Dutch national team on Thursday. She got a ball on her temple and suffered a fracture. She will have a custom mask made in the next few days. Once it’s done, she can play again. On Sunday against Australia, the last international match of the Orange of this block in Eindhoven, she is not yet in action.

China unexpectedly took a 0-1 lead. Photo: William Vernes

Orange behind

The Netherlands did not start the game strongly on Saturday. From the first second it was clear that China was a lot brighter than Wednesday. The first quarter, the Orange often got stuck. Freeke Moes shot against the Chinese keeper Ping Liu and Yibbi Jansen pushed a penalty corner on her glove. Those were about the only opportunities the Netherlands created in that phase.

China did show that it had not entered the game just to defend. In the first quarter it decorated a penalty corner, which was run by Lisa Post. Early in the second quarter, China carefully dealt a blow by scoring another penalty corner and scoring the 0-1. A push was chosen, after which the ball was played towards the penalty spot. Jiangxin He tipped in the 0-1.

The ‘Holland, Holland’ then rolled off the stands as a statement of support. Orange had to find a higher gear. It worked. It was Felice Albers who got it on her hips and slalomed over the right flank. The best player in the world passed the ball and found attacker Pien Dicke’s stick. She came at the right time for her opponent and cleverly tipped in the 1-1. A real striker’s goal.

Pien Dicke scored the 1-1 on behalf of the Orange. Photo: William Vernes

China comes back to 2-2

The Orange then went on the hunt for the lead. Albers had the 2-1 on her stick, but hit the post. Before the end of the second quarter, the Netherlands scored a penalty corner for the second time. Yibbi Jansen dragged the ball on the ground past the Chinese keeper Xinhuan Li: 2-1.

That seemed to be the starting signal for a problem-free second half. But instead of carelessly playing to a bigger lead, the Orange gave away the 2-2 shortly after the break. Completely unnecessary. In the back, defender Sabine Plönissen played the ball into Meirong Zou’s stick just like that. She turned to her backhand and immediately shot the 2-2 against the ropes, behind keeper Anne Veenendaal.

Frédérique Matla gets a high five from Luna Fokke after using her penalty shot. Photo: William Vernes

Matla redeems a penalty shot

Losing points, however, was never seriously in the air. The Orange made a relaxed impression and went looking for the 3-2. Frédérique Matla pushed the Netherlands’ fourth corner wide. In the 42nd minute, Freeke Moes took a penalty shot. Matla stood behind the ball and pushed: 3-2.

China was exhausted and had no strength left to press a final offensive. Slowly the game bled to death. A penalty corner by Jansen determined the final score at 4-2. On Sunday, the Oranje Dames close their Pro League block in Eindhoven with their second confrontation with Australia.

by Hockey.nl

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