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Pro-League: “It’s Going to Be Hot Weeks.”

FIH Pro League: Danas and Honamas meet England The FIH Pro League games of the Danas and Honamas against England in the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach (May 4th and 5th) fall

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Battle for Europe Hots Up – Media Guide

Men’s Hockey League Preview – 23 April 2022 Surbiton and Wimbledon are still in contention for the second European place alongside champions Old Georgians in the 2022-23 season. And alongside

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England: 5 Star Surbiton Keeps European Hopes Alive

Surbiton’s hopes of joining Old Georgians in Europe next season were kept alive following a stunning 5-1 home win over rivals Wimbledon at Sugden Road

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