Narrow victory for Polo, HTHC has to admit defeat

Tobias Hauke, who had actually already retired, celebrated his comeback at the HTHC today. The HTHC spectators initially saw a balanced game on their own pitch at Vossberg. In addition to Hauke, HTHC naturally also had Michael Körper in its ranks, with 18 goals in the past season. The polo men, who had reached the final of the German championship last year, scored for the first time with Constantin Staib. After he appeared on the right baseline in front of Anton Brinckman, a lob was not enough to overcome the HTHC keeper (6th). The Hamburg derby was almost unusually quiet and unspectacular in the first quarter – both teams still risked little and seemed to have to get used to this quarter-final. A minute and a half before the end of the quarter, Paul Glander gave his HTHC men the lead when he shot a penalty corner from halfway up the goal (14’KE).

Also in quarter number two the HTHC was the slightly better team. The Hamburger Polo Club could not get past their own defense and failed to create something offensive. Another penalty corner for Harvestehude, this time shot by Fülöp Losonci, didn’t bring the desired result – instead Polo countered and took a corner himself. Kane Russel, penalty corner specialist for the guests, tested Anton Brinckmann, who was there (21′). The repeat corner was then deflected by the corner defense, making it 1-1 for the Hamburger Polo Club (21′, KE). Outnumbered, the HTHC had to concentrate on defensive work in the final minutes of the half. After a counterattack, three minutes before the half-time whistle, they came in front of the polo goal again, but immediately afterwards the guest cheered: Paul Smith played to Max Silanoglu on the left, who fought his way into the circle from the left and Smith again served. The extended in the fall to 1: 2 (27th).

The third quarter started with a penalty corner for Harvestehude and Michael Körper was on the pitch for the first time. The veteran hit Mathias Müller’s foot on the goal line – seven meters for the HTHC. Body took over and failed! Niklas Garst in the HPC goal was down quickly and saved the ball (31st). An important save as Polo was still outnumbered and was able to continue to defend the lead. Brinckmann on the other side was also able to excel, Jan-Hendrik Bartels brought the ball sharply in front of the goal for Polo, where Constantin Staib and Hugo Inglis did not manage to put the ball past the HTHC goalkeeper (34th). The game became increasingly heated and restless – but with the 1:2 it went into the last break.

The men from the Hamburger Polo Club were still in the lead in the final quarter of the derby. Ten minutes before the end of the game, HTHC still had no chance of equalizing, Polo managed the lead confidently and made no attempt to risk too much. Kane Russel didn’t use a corner to score another goal because Anton Brinckmann was there and kept his team in the game (55′). The HTHC, in the person of Losonci and body, had another chance to equalize through two shots, but Niklas Garst was there (56th). Harvestehude took the goalkeeper off the field and the home side threw everything in. A penalty corner didn’t help to equalize, however, and the second half ended with the 1:2 from the first half.

The German champion from the hall, Harvestehude, loses on his own pitch against the Hamburger Polo Club and now has to win two games next weekend if he wants to make it into the Final4 on the field as well.

by Hockey Magazine DE

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