Euro Day 8: Men of Russia and Wales share the points

Wales needed twelve goals against Russia to knock France from the second place in group C. The group in which they compete for a World Cup ticket. That premise was not very realistic for Wales. The team defended a lead for a long time, but in the end the runs were shared: 3-3. 

AMSTERDAM EuroHockey Championship 2021 Wales - Russia (Pool C). Picture: Gareth Furlong. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK
AMSTERDAM EuroHockey Championship 2021 Wales – Russia (Pool C). Picture: Gareth Furlong. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Andrey Kuraev opened the scoring for Russia. He tapped in from close range, after two defenders from Wales both missed completely. Yet that moment dwarfed when Wales keeper James Fortnam stood at the side of the field with a broken clog. Without a reserve keeper, a roll of duct tape had to provide the answer. But after two steps, the tape was already gone. While the game continued quietly – and Wales played without a goalkeeper – a goalkeeper’s bag appeared from the Wagener Stadium: with a clog. Not the same, but at least Fortnam was able to do his job again. 

A penalty and field goal put Wales ahead in the second quarter. Meanwhile, Fortnam’s borrowed clog was no longer tested. 

When the same Naughalty brought the score to 3-1 in the third quarter via a penalty corner, there seemed to be no problem for Wales. But Russia bit off. Captain Marat Khairullin made the connecting goal in the third quarter and five minutes before the end there was Semen Matkovskiy who signed for the equalizer via a penalty corner. With that, Russia grabbed a point. The first point of this European Championship.

Wales v Russia 3-3 (2-1)

6′ 0-1 Andrey Kuraev
17′ 1-1 Joseph Naughalty
24′ 2-1 Hywel Jones 40′ 3-1 Joseph Naughty 43′ 3-2 Marat Khairullin 54′ 3-3 Semen Matkovskiy 

The Wales goalkeeper’s problems. Photo: Koen Suyko

Germany will be the opponent of the Netherlands in the women’s final. The team of national coach Xavier Reckinger had a hard time with Spain for a long time, but pulled the game to itself in the final phase, as a result of which it won big: 4-1.

Germany got off to a very energetic start; after just three minutes, HGC newcomer Cecile Pieper fumbled in the opening goal. The Spanish answer followed from a penalty corner, which was nicely tipped in by Berta Bonastre.

Then came the moment of Xantal Gine. Actually the moment that the number 20 of Spain wants to forget as soon as possible. She got a huge chance, but flattened it next to the German goal. One of the biggest misses of this European Championship.

This blooper became even more painful when Sonja Zimmermann gave Germany a 2-1 lead in the same quarter. After Spain went into va banque, the world’s number four scored twice more in the last minute, leaving a flattering 4-1 on the boards.

Germany – Spain 4-1 
3′ 1-0 Cecile Pieper
13′ 1-1 Berta Bonastre
45′ 2-1 Sonja Zimmerman
60′ 3-1 Pia Maertens
60′ 4-1 Anne Schröder

France beat Spain, but misses a World Cup ticket

Jeroen Delmee and France did not manage to finish this European Championship in fifth place and thus obtain the World Cup ticket. In their last game of this tournament, the French had to beat Spain 5-0. They did win, but the 3-2 victory was too small to finish above the Spaniards.

France will have a second chance in the World Cup qualifiers later this year. That has to be done without Delmee. He is then national coach of Orange.

Spain now takes place in the waiting room, but has by far the best papers for the World Cup ticket. Only when Wales beat Russia 12-0 or more will that ticket not go to Spain.

France trailed 2-0 within twenty minutes, thanks to a penalty shot from veteran Xavi Lleonart and a goal from Pau Quemada. Then France fought back wonderfully in the match. Timothée Clément made it 2-1 before half time. At the start of the fourth quarter, Pieter van Straaten scored the 2-2, his fifth goal of this European Championship. Five minutes before the end, Antonin Igau scored the 2-3. This gave the French reparation after their defeat against Wales.

Spain – France 2-3 (2-1)
‘7 Xavi Lleonart 1-0 (sb)
’18 Pau Quemada 2-0
’25 Timothée Clément 2-1’49 Pieter van Straaten 2-2
’55 Antonin Igau 2-3

England on track for World Cup ticket after winning over Ireland

England have returned to Ireland after the disappointment of not reaching the semi-final two days earlier. In group C, the group in which there is a fight for the fifth World Cup ticket, England has the best papers for the time being. England was clearly the better party with 5-1 and thus remains the leader. 

Ireland has never won a European Championship against its great neighbour England. For a moment it seemed to work out in the Wagener Stadium on Friday afternoon: the Irish took the lead. And Deirdre Luke’s goal was brilliant. While sliding, she tipped the ball into the ropes behind goalkeeper Maddie Hinch. The goal was celebrated in a big way.

But Ireland could not live on that lead for long. When Lizzie Holden was sent off with green in the second quarter, the English took full advantage. Anna Toman converted a penalty corner and Sarah Evans even doubled the score in the excess. The same Evans put an end to Irish hopes at the end of the second quarter, when she also scored her second of the afternoon and the third goal: 1-3.

There is no shortage of English penalty corners: in the third quarter Lily Owsley – who will play for hdm next season – hit the mark and just before time Jo Hunter also made a contribution (1-5). Scotland waits on Sunday, then England can definitively secure the World Cup ticket.

ANP/Koen Suyk

Scotland v Italy 3-1 (2-0)

Scotland booked a victory on Friday morning after the 10-0 loss against the Netherlands. In group C, the group in which they fight for the fifth World Cup ticket, the Scots defeated opponent Italy 3-1. The Italians – eliminated in the second round at the 2018 World Cup – now have no chance of fifth place.

Scotland took the lead in the second quarter, when Bronwyn Shields shot the ball through the legs of Italian goalkeeper Sofia Monserrat from a penalty corner variant. The Scots then ran out to a 3-0 lead. Italy’s goal seven minutes before the end did not trigger a comeback for the Italians, meaning Scotland booked its first win of the tournament. Nevertheless, England and Ireland remain the favorites in group C for fifth place.

Scotland v Italy 3-1 (2-0)
’17 Bronwyn Shields 1-0 (sc)
’21 Sarah Robertsen 2-0
’47 McKenzie Bell 3-0
’53 Sofia Laurito 3-1 (sc)

Scotland high fives. Photo: Willem Vernes

State of affairs Group C Women

Item.CountryWGVIn front ofAgainstPtn

State of affairs Group C Men

Item.CountryWGVIn front ofAgainstPtn

Program Friday 11 June

09:15Scotland-Italy 3-1Ladies
half past elevenIreland-England 1-5Ladies
13:45Spain-France 2-3Gentlemen
4:00 pmNetherlands -BelgiumLadies

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