Matla leads Den Bosch to victory over Amsterdam

A backhand shot by Frédérique Matla on Thursday evening in the Wagener Stadium resulted in a 0-1 victory for Den Bosch against reigning champion Amsterdam. With a win next Saturday at the Oosterplas, the Bosschenaren conquer the national title. The possible decider is Sunday.

Apart from captain Eva de Goede, Amsterdam also appeared at the start without attacker Marijn Veen, so quite battered. It was clear that the reigning national champion was going to have a hard time against Den Bosch, which still missed defender and international Ireen van den Assem.

It was Den Bosch that started the match the strongest. Amsterdam mainly relied on the defensive qualities of players such as Lauren Stam, Kimberly Thompson and Charlotte Adegeest. Despite this, the home team gave away an unnecessary penalty corner twice in the first half. After ten minutes of hockey that happened to Floor de Haan, which resulted in the first corner of Den Bosch. Frédérique Matla’s drag push landed above the knee of runner Thompson, who made her return after missing the semi-finals against SCHC.

Marijn Veen was injured in the stands. Photo: Willem Vernes

Frédérique Matla’s 0-1

After that, it was Amsterdam that experienced a strong phase, at the end of the first quarter. Striking was the action of attacker Freeke Moes, who dribbled in from the right flank past three or four opponents. Moes then managed to fire a shot with her backhand. The ball went wide through Josine Koning’s legguard, but it was clear that Den Bosch had to be careful.

After 23 minutes of hockey the score fell 0-1. Den Bosch defender Rosa Fernig played teammate Frédérique Matla from behind. With a quick movement, Matla turned away from Sabine Plönissen, after which she shot the ball against the board with her backhand. It was Den Bosch’s hundredth goal this season. Amsterdam turned to the video referee, who concluded that Matla had not played with the convex side. The 0-1 was valid.

Moments later it could have been 1-1, when Michelle Fillet and Lauren Stam reported on the head circle for the first penalty corner in Amsterdam. It was Fillet who fired a drag push, straight at goalkeeper Josine Koning. Shortly afterwards, green cards for Lauren Stam and Marloes Keetels led to a ten-to-ten phase. That did not result in any chances: 0-1 was the halftime score.

Sanne Koolen duels with Michelle Fillet. Photo: Willem Vernes

Amsterdam failed to get many great opportunities

A green card for Pleun van der Plas ushered in a strong phase for Amsterdam in the third quarter. Robert Tigges’ team had the most ball possession in that period. But even without Van den Assem within the lines, the defense of Den Bosch stood solid. Just when Amsterdam got a chance through Fay van der Elst, who approached Josine Koning, the horn sounded: the final signal of the third quarter.

In the meantime, the task for Amsterdam became increasingly difficult when Ilse Kappelle was injured. In the fourth quarter, the home team nevertheless increased the pressure more and more. A backhand cross from Maria Verschoor could have resulted in the 1-1 if Joy Haarman had managed to push her stick against it.

Ten minutes before the end, Lidewij Welten received a yellow card. It was the perfect opportunity for Amsterdam to strike, but the offensive did not get off the ground. Four minutes before the end, Tigges took his goalkeeper Anne Veenendaal to the side. The clock ticked further and further away, without Amsterdam getting any chances. The profit for Den Bosch was justified.

Amsterdam – Den Bosch (0-1)

23 ‘0-1Den BoschFrédérique Matla

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