Malaysia: National Men's Team Confirms Final Slot

The 5-0 victory recorded by the National Men’s SEA Games Squad over Thailand in the third round robin, Men’s Field Hockey event, SEA Games Cambodia 2023 held at the Morodok Techo National Stadium, today, took them to the final stage.

Although there is still one match left, which is against Indonesia, tomorrow, the nine points that have been collected are enough to confirm Malaysia’s slot in the final stage and waiting for Malaysia in the final match is Indonesia, which is in second position with seven points while the door for Thailand to the final stage has been closed. when having to settle for third place with three points.

Shahmie Irfan Suhaimi scored a hat trick for Malaysia in today’s meeting starting with a penalty corner goal which was also the opening goal for Malaysia in the 12th minute followed by two field goals in the 20th minute and the winning goal in the 49th minute.

Also contributing a goal in today’s action was the country’s senior player, Muhammad Najib Abu Hassan in the 17th minute after a chaotic situation that occurred in the opponent’s area when Thailand tried to nullify Malaysia’s attempt was successfully used by Najib Hassan.

The same situation happened again a few moments before the first half ended and this time Mohammad Harris Iskandar Osman recorded his name as a field goal scorer in the 30th minute.

The Head Coach of the National Men’s SEA Sports Team, Muhamad Amin Rahim described his men as playing well and more calmly in today’s match, besides expressing his gratitude for the three consecutive victories they achieved.

“Today’s match, the players managed to dominate the game according to the team’s plan that had been arranged. I hope the players stay focused and don’t allow any room for easy mistakes for the next action.

“As everyone expected, we made it to the final. But there is still one game left against Indonesia tomorrow that we need to settle.

“What is most important for the team is discipline in addition to being consistent in every game plan that is designed so as not to give space and opportunity to the opposing team to dominate the game.

“For the meeting with Indonesia tomorrow, as I always say, we need to continue to maintain discipline and consistency throughout the match. The players must also be wise not to give hope to the opponent or smell the opportunity that they can use when we meet again in the final stage later.

“It is hoped that the team will continue to stay focused with the objective of winning and bringing home the gold medal for Malaysia.

Tomorrow, the National Men’s Squad will play against Indonesia to complete the round robin match schedule at 3:00 pm (Malaysian time).

Malaysia Hockey Confederation

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