l’Orée need to fight back to slay the Dragons

The people of Brussels bowed down at the very end of the game against the Dragons. But everything remains possible for l’Orée during the semi-final return to Brasschaat. However, to dream of the title, it will be necessary to show more character and aggressiveness.

Della Tore scored two goals in three minutes.
Della Tore scored two goals in three minutes. – Virginie Lefour / belga.

The image that will undoubtedly remain of this first confrontation between the Brussels and Antwerp residents is the terrible clash between Manu Stockbroekx and Max Lootens in the 41st minute of play. Chilling images since the Red Lions defender remained lying unconscious for long minutes, his mouth bleeding, with his roommate in the national team, John-John Dohmen, at his side, trying to stimulate him before the arrival of the ambulance and help. But fortunately, after some additional examinations, the news was rather reassuring for Manu Stockbroekx at the end of the afternoon.

“I don’t remember anything until I got to the hospital where they performed magnetic resonance. Other than that, it’s a total blackout. I have a small internal bleeding behind my head and have had 5 stitches placed on my upper lip. There shouldn’t be too serious consequences, but the doctors still decided to keep me under observation for 2 days to check that everything is fine. And if it doesn’t resolve on its own, I will have to have a small procedure to remove the blood clot. “

“We lost our pedals during the last 5 minutes”

Before that, the first period had been fairly balanced even if it was the visitors who led the score thanks to Lucas Martinez more opportunistic than his opponents. Then, just after the 40-minute break to treat Manu Stockbroeckx, l’Orée had reacted perfectly by equalizing directly from the penalty spot as soon as the exchanges resumed thanks to Tomi Domene. The Argentinian put the cover back in the 63rd minute by converting the 7th pc from Brussels. But the end of the game was catastrophic with 2 goals conceded from the penalty spot in just 3 minutes via Nicolas Della Torre (2-3). What totally frustrate John-John Dohmen when debriefing this first round.

“Even though we pretty much played the game we needed, our first half was not consistent enough. After the match was interrupted to treat Manu, we reacted well but I am disappointed that we did not manage to keep our lead at the scorer when there were only 4 minutes to go in this semi-final. We lost the pedals and we could not hold the ball more than 10 seconds during the last 5 minutes. This is abnormal! “

“Now we have to go”

But nothing is yet badly done since a victory next Sunday in Brasschaat will allow l’Orée to play its place in the final in the Shoot-outs (only points count).

“Now we have to go,” concludes the Sampetrusian playing master. “The club have been waiting for this for a long time and we are ready. You have to understand that you have to put your life on the ground like Manu did to go to the final. And we didn’t do it for the last 5 minutes. It is the spirit, the combativeness and the management of exchanges that will make the difference. We have a better pc than the Dragons but it didn’t show. “

L’Orée therefore knows perfectly how to correct the situation and avoid regrets. The people of Brussels have 70 minutes left to offer themselves a first playoff final.

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