Loic and Arthur Van Doren amazed the HC Embourg

“ That Red Lions come to visit us by helicopter, it’s a first here! », Confides the president of the Embourg Hockey Club, Jérôme de Marchin . If this great event was possible, it is also through a partnership with Red Bull but also Osaka, a joint sponsor of the club and Arthur Van Doren . He and his brother Loic are not the first Red Lions to come and tread the embouriens lawns. “John-John Dohmen came to do clinics for young people, ”continues Jérôme. “Tom Boon organized an internship here, and we had the chance to be one of the filming locations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic publicity, produced in 2019. We had a lot of Red Lions with many young people from the club for turn this on the site. I had played the keeper! It had been a great experience. Here with Arthur, we still receive someone who, in addition to his European, world and Olympic titles with the national team, has been twice elected best player in the world! 

Among the young people present, they are very numerous to have followed the last Olympic coronation of the Belgians in Tokyo. “That day, I was happy with the final whistle,” says Zadigue , who got some autographs. “ I’ll post them in my room. My dream is also to be with the Red Lions later! ” I asked them for an autograph on my stick and on the photos I had of them, ” Camille says . “ I don’t necessarily see myself in the national team but I like field hockey, you can play with girls as well as with boys . “

Stars in their eyes, the children, who also posed with the gold medal of the last Games, transmitted this wonder to their idols. “ It’s a pleasure for me too, ” Arthur Van Doren tells us . “I only see smiles, I’m happy. It’s nice for us to have marked the spirits. There are so many little ones starting to play, looking at us and happy to see us. It is also a bit of a dream for us to see that there are many who want to be Red Lions or Red Panthers. It shows that we are doing a good job! It’s also nice to see that there are new clubs appearing. Concerning me, this is the second time that I come to Embourg. I already did a shoot for a campaign a few years ago. Here, as there is the helicopter, it allows us to stay a little longer. We keep good memories . “

“ Coming by helicopter like that is new and unique for both of us ,” adds Loic. “ It’s nice to do that with my brother and to see that there are lots of happy people to welcome us. Last week, we made three clubs in Flanders and Brussels. We passed through Ghent this morning before coming to Embourg. We try to go and meet as many clubs and children as possible. ” We are working very hard to still achieve good results in the years to come and to make Belgium dream again ,” says Arthur. “ The new ‘Dream’ is Paris 2024, ” concludes Loïc.

Joachim Gilles, In La Meuse, Thursday September 23, 2021.

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