Belgium – Leopold takes the lead at the winter break

The people of Brussels won a 7th success and they are ahead of Racing, winner thanks to a lot of realism at the Dragons. But no 6th consecutive victory for the Watducks which stumbles at the Gantoise.

The game of musical chairs continued Sunday at the top of the Belgian Men Hockey League at the end of the 12th day of competition, the last before the winter break. Leopold, a 3-7 winner on the road to the Herakles, took back his due at the expense of the Waterloo Ducks and the Dragons, both beaten by top 4 contenders at the end of the season, synonymous with semi-finalists in the play-offs. The Waterloo ducks indeed fell in Ghent (3-2), while the Dragons suffered the law (2-4) of Racing on their ground in Brasschaat.

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Dragons – Racing: 2-4

Another bad operation for the reigning champions who, like Thursday, in Waterloo, dominated the debates by showing themselves to be the most inspired in the game but who, in the end, failed to win. From the start of the debates, it was the people of Brussels who opened the scoring with a stroke from Tanguy Cosyns (6th), who then injured his ischios and who had to leave the game. they multiplied the offensives. But it is the visitors who returned to the locker room with an advantage of 2 goals after the one scored by Cédric Charlier (33rd). In the second half, the new Stick d’Or, Florent van Aubel relaunched his team (40th) before Nicolas Della Torre equalized from the penalty spot (48th). The Dragons were pushing but it was Alexis Cayphas who put a smile on the faces of the Uccle supporters (54th). Cédric Charlier’s last goal, in the very last seconds, definitively established the 7th success (2-4) of his team, which in the process managed a solid 12 out of 12.

Gantoise – Waterloo Ducks: 3-2

For their very last meeting on their field, before the resumption in the new stadium, the Flandriens ended their year 2021 with a convincing and important success against the Brabançons who therefore failed to garner a 6th consecutive victory. After Antoine Kina’s opening goal, from the penalty spot (25th), and a solid first period for the local team, it was Blaise Rogeau who doubled his team’s lead (42nd). It was then Charles Masson who registered the number 3, 120 seconds later. On the throw-in, the Watducks reacted, finally, via Gauthier Boccard. But the people of Ghent were firmly in place and never let go. Victor Charlet’s goal from the penalty spot fell in the 68th minute but it was already too late for the visitors. Thanks to this success,

Herakles – Leopold: 3-7

The show was at the rendezvous in Lier even if the result will not satisfy the Antwerpers who recovered Amaury Keusters and Nicolas De Kerpel. The start of the game was largely to the advantage of the people of Brussels who were quick to take off since they were already leading 0-3 after only 13 minutes thanks to Arthur Verdussen and Tom Degroote (2 goals including one from the penalty spot). It was then Max Plennevaux who increased the addition on a pc phase (26th). But just before the return to the locker room, the Australian Jack Welch gave a little hope to the local team which gradually found colour. Then it was Nicolas De Kerpel who scored on stroke (41st). But, in the process, Tom Boon gave air to Leo, from the penalty spot. It was, then, Arthur Verdussen who offered himself a double. Amaury Keusters eased the addition somewhat but Tom Boon fixed the final score by scoring, already, his 27th goal of the season. The 7th success in Uccle allows Agustin Corradini’s team to take the lead at the break.

Orée – Antwerp: 5-0.

After suffering 4 consecutive setbacks, the people of Brussels finally managed to stop the bleeding during the visit of the red lantern in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. They offered a slightly more successful performance and they were especially able to count on a slightly more efficient penalty to make the difference and gain the upper hand over the Antwerpers who still only have 7 points after 12 days. The scorers of the day: Tomi Domene (3 including 2 pc), Eliot Curty and Luca Masso. L’Orée remains in contact with the Top 4 since it occupies 5th place, one point behind the Dragons.

Braxgata – Daring: 1-1.

The people of Brussels, therefore, managed to end the first part of the season by snatching a very good point at Boom. The 4th split in 13 matches allows them to stay in contact with other clubs at the bottom of the rankings. After his success at home on Thursday, the Daring knew he had to confirm but above all not to come back empty-handed against an opponent with whom he might have to fight to avoid the descent. But against the Braxgata, it was the people of Antwerp who took the initiative and who dominated most of the debates. The first half was almost a one-way street and visiting goalkeeper Boris Feldheim had to work several times to ward off the danger. Even deprived of his Argentine star, Agustin Mazzili (injured knee), the Brax was rather inspired. And it is quite logical that the local team returned to the locker room, at the break, with a goal in advance, a stroke converted by its captain Loïck Luypaert (30th). In the second half, the Molenbeekois put their nose to the window a little more, but ultimately they created very little danger. However, in the 57th minute, Argentinian Santiago Montelli equalized with a magnificent deflection (1-1). Philippe Goldberg’s men were still trying to tip the match but without success.

Leuven – Beerschot: 0-0. 

No goal, which is very rare in hockey, in this duel where the 2 teams would have needed to win the 3 units before the winter break. A match in which the 2 teams obtained several possibilities to find the net but with a lot of approximations in front of the goal from the attackers of the clubs. But, in the end, it is certainly the Antwerp who find themselves in the most delicate situation since they occupy, for the moment, the relegated second place with 5 points ahead of Antwerp.

By Laurent Toussaint

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