League leaders back in victory mode

After two defeats, the Zehlendorfer wasps were able to overturn the buck again. A 2-1 away win was achieved at TuS Obermenzing. After a goalless first half, Charlotte Stapenhorst (32′) and Carlotta Hütwohl (56′) made it 2-0, which the Munich hosts could only shorten by Alina Pillmann (57′). Zehlendorf thus extended its lead to five points again.

The new second in the table is HG Nürnberg, who finished their away weekend with six points. The 1:0 at TuS Lichterfelde was now followed by a 3:1 at ATV Leipzig. Naemi Stieber (24th), Antonia Pierer von Esch (53rd) and Anna Helbig (56th) led the HGN on the road to victory, Rebecca Klahn (E, 59th) did not manage more than the consolation goal for the ATV. Nuremberg’s second team, the NHTC, was useless for any goals this weekend, neither at the back nor at the front. Yesterday’s 0-0 in Leipzig was followed by another zero number at TuS Lichterfelde today.

Goal scoring worked much better at TG Frankenthal. The 3:1 surprise victory over leader Zehlendorf was now followed by a 6:1 (3:0) against bottom Mariendorfer HC. Kim Lauer (E, 15th/21st/39th) contributed half of the TGF yield, with Klara Galisevic (28th), Emma Finke (E, 39th) and Marie Fischer (E, 45th) contributing the other. Wendy Engemann (E, 44th) scored for the MHC to make it 1:5. With the six-point weekend, Frankenthal is really good again in the fight to stay up, while Mariendorf’s hopes are dwindling more and more.

North leaders Club Raffelberg lost a two-goal lead like the day before after losing their first point of the season (3:3 against Polo), but then clipper Hamburg lost a 0:2 through Pauline Bechmann (42nd) and Antonia Rut (45th). were able to equalize, but in the end Raffelberg got the upper hand 4:2 after goals from Johanna Hachenberg (4th), Laura Plüth (9th/47th) and Nana Dördelmann (58th).

Bonn’s THV Eintracht Braunschweig shared a score of 2:2. Anna Krause (E, 13′) and Viktoria Albe (45′) gave the guests the lead twice, while Maria Esser (37′) and Sophie Lindlar (46′) scored Boinn. answer twice.

In the bottom half of the table, Hannover and Polo celebrated two 2-1 away wins in the West. At HC Essen 99 Hannover 78 turned around the fast HCE lead from Birthe Hueler (1st) through Merle Trütken (9th) and Rebecka Siebert (52nd). The Hamburger Polo Club prevailed against Balu-Weiss Cologne, which remains the defeat in last place.

In the last Sunday game, Crefeld’s HTC secured a 2-0 win over DSD Düsseldorf. After two 1-0 defeats last weekend, the CHTC got back on the road to success with goals from Jule Hofer (E, 10th) and Malikah Hamza (50th) and regained third place.

Photo: Wolfgang Sternberger

by Hockey Magazine DE

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