Labor Victory for Germany Against the Spanish Selection

Peillat needed just 1 minute to open his scoring tally in German colours.

The Honamas won today’s game in the FIH Pro League in the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach against the Spanish selection 2:1 in front of 1,400 spectators. Goals for the Honamas came from Gonzalo Peillat in the 1st minute after a penalty corner and Niklas Wellen in the 35th minute. Captain Marc Miralles scored the goal for the Spaniards in the rebound after a penalty corner.

Germany with lightning start after penalty corner 

The Honamas got off to a great start, after just forty seconds the team received their first penalty corner. With Gonzalo Peillat, who has only been eligible to play for the DHB since March, one of the best penalty corner specialists in the world was on the field for the DHB team for the first time. At his first penalty corner for Germany, the 29-year-old’s shot landed in the Spaniards’ goal to make it 1-0 early (1st). After seven minutes, the Iberians came dangerously into the German circle for the first time, but Alexander Stadler was able to fend off Rafael Vilallonga’s high shot at the expense of a penalty corner. The subsequent attempt was blocked by the Honamas. During the first quarter, the Spaniards were the dominant side. In the 12th minute, the Iberians were on fire, but the Honamas couldn’t put the ball in the goal. 

WSP2203264536 - Labor Victory for Germany Against the Spanish Selection - Germany with lightning start after penalty corner 

Balanced game, Germany with more chances 

After an initially even second quarter, it was the Honamas who took their third penalty corner in the 19th minute and Gonzalo Peillat stepped into the limelight again. The 29-year-old’s hard shot was blocked by a Spaniard on the line. Just a minute (20′) later, Peillat got another chance to score from a penalty corner, but this time Spanish goalkeeper Mario Garin thwarted the goal. In the 28th minute, Niklas Wellen was able to get through in the Spanish circle, but failed with his attempt from a tight angle by the Spanish goalkeeper. 

Germany makes the game – and that 2-0 

In the second half, the Honamas took control of the game, Christopher Ruhr fired a shot just wide of the goal in the 33rd minute. In the 35th minute, after preparatory work by Marco Miltkau, Niklas Wellen scored from the inside right to make it 2-0. Max Kapaun saw the green card for a foul in the 39th minute and put his team outnumbered for two minutes. However, the Spaniards had a hard time with the Honamas’ well-organised defence, and the Iberians didn’t have any chances to score.   

I’m extremely satisfied with the first fifty minutes, we controlled the game very well and hardly allowed anything. 

André Henning, national coach

Turbulent shooting phase – Germany saves result over time 

The guests from Spain dominated the last quarter without initially becoming particularly dangerous for the German goal. In the 53rd minute, Timur Oruz saw a yellow card for a tactical foul, and the Spaniards were outnumbered for five minutes. Five minutes before the final siren, Marc Miralles challenged the German goalkeeper Alexander Stadler with an Argentinian backhand, which he was able to parry. After 57 minutes, the German keeper was able to parry a shot from Rafael Vilallonga, but he lay down on the ball, so the referees awarded the Spaniards a penalty corner. Stadler was able to fend off the Iberians’ first attempt, but the German goalkeeper then had no chance when captain Marc Miralles rebounded (58th). Just a little later, Stadler had to clear an attempt by Joaquin Menini in dire straits (58′). 

With the victory in the first game against Spain, the Honamas are now in third place in the table in the FIH Pro League with five wins and two losses. German striker Marco Miltkau was voted Player of the Match.  

WSP2203264675 - Labor Victory for Germany Against the Spanish Selection - Germany with lightning start after penalty corner 

Comments on the game: 

 Mats Grambusch, midfielder 

“It was an outstanding start after just a few seconds, especially for our debutants Gonzalo Paillalat. After that, the game flattened out a bit. I think we were the dominant team, but we weren’t always able to convert that. Above all, our build-up game isn’t where it can be yet. We won 2-1 and we are very happy with that.” 

 Niklas Wellen, striker 

“We did a really good job for fifty minutes. In the first half we had some problems with our area coverage but the Spaniards didn’t get into our circle so it wasn’t dramatic. We played more aggressively in the second half, won the ball a lot and should have made it 3-0 after going 2-0 up. We had enough chances for that. The yellow card gets us into trouble again and then we play it very badly. The last ten minutes were a disaster. We made a lot of wrong decisions and completely lost our heads. At the end of the day, we’re just happy to have the three points.” 

André Henning, national coach 

“We weren’t that consistent in the end today, there was a lack of greed in the opposing circle, which is why we missed out on a significantly higher result. That’s how we make it interesting again by simply losing the ball and acting uncleverly. The crunchtime game was still pretty mediocre today. Considering where we’re coming from with the current level of preparation, it was a very good performance today. I’m very happy with how we played and that we got the three points. Tomorrow we want to catch up in terms of the result and improve in terms of play.” 

Game details: 

Germany vs Spain March 26, 2022, SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach 
1st quarter 1-0, 1′ – Gonzalo Peillat 
2nd quarter No goals 
3rd quarter 2: 0, 35 mins – Niklas Wellen 
4th quarter 2-1, 58 mins – Marc Miralles 
penalty corners: Germany 4 (one goal) / Spain 2 (one goal) shots Germany 10 / Spain 5 Detailed statistics on deployment times etc. can be found at: https://www.fihproleague.com/matchdetails/15275 

 The following players were used for Germany:  

No.   Surname   Association   Birth Year
1  Alexander Stadler (TW) TSV Mannheim 1999 
2  Mathias Mueller Hamburg Polo Club 1992  
3   Mats Grambusch (C) Red and White Cologne 1992  
5   Linus Mueller Mannheim HC 1999   
7   Jonas Gomoll Berliner HC 1993  
Nicholas waves Crefelder HTC 1994 
10   Thies Ole Prinz Red and White Cologne 1998  
17  Christopher Stir Red and White Cologne 1993  
19   Justus Weigand Mannheim HC 2000 
20   Martin Zwicker Berliner HC 1987  
22   Marco Miltkau HC Klein Zwitslerland 1990  
27 Timur Oruz Red and White Cologne 1994  
33 Moritz Trompertz Red and White Cologne 1995 
35 Hannes Wulf Muller UHC Hamburg 2000 
44 Moritz Ludwig Uhlenhorst Mühlheim 2001 
49 Max Capon UHC Hamburg 1994 
50 Tom Grambusch Red and White Cologne 1995 
92 Gonzalo Peillat Mannheim HC 1992 

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