JWC Roundup: Quarter-final Smasher Between Argentina and Germany

It is the second day of rest for the Dutch Juniors, where a lot was at stake for other teams during the World Cup 21 in Potchefstroom. All quarter-finalists have now been announced. Very interesting: Germany will meet Argentina.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Argentina v Uruguay (Pool C) Picture: Sol Pagella scored 1-0 WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Austria – South Korea 1-0

’56 1-0 Herzog
A dry blast from Helene Herzog from the edge of the circle decided the opening game on this match day. The twenty-year-old midfielder from Vienna, who made his debut for the national A-team at the age of fifteen, thus gave Austria the first points of the tournament. A good result, if only because Austria was only admitted to the tournament two months ago as a replacement for the boycotted Russia.

Argentina – Uruguay 4-0

‘9 1-0 Pagella
’13 2-0 V. Raposo (sb)
’21 3-0 Rouger
’60 4-0 Andrade
After the defeat of South Korea, Uruguay against Argentina had enough of a draw to reach the last eight. It wasn’t impossible, because the Uruguayans took a point against Las Leoncitas – the young Argentines in the last Pan-Am Cup. It soon became apparent that such a result was not possible today. Argentina took a 3-0 lead within 21 minutes, which was expanded in the final phase: 4-0. Result: South Korea is still through to the quarterfinals.

Malaysia – India 0-4

’10 0-1 Khan
’11 0-2 Kumari
’26 0-3 Lalrindiki
’59 0-4 Khan
India also won its third match at this World Cup and therefore advances to the last eight as group winner . National coach Erik Wonink saw his team take a comfortable 2-0 lead within eleven minutes against Malaysia, which is not going through a good tournament. The team, which has never competed in a youth World Cup before, lost 10-0 to Germany and lost a 3-1 lead against Wales – then drew 3-3

Germany – Wales 8-0

‘3 1-0 Fleschütz
‘7 2-0 Schwabe
‘7 3-0 Sippel
’41 4-0 Fleschütz
’47 5-0 Neumann
’56 6-0 Heinz
’60 7-0 Sippel
’60 8-0 Kurz (sc)
Germany beat Wales, who never got into the enemy circle before half time. After just seven minutes, the counter had already risen to 3-0. In the end, the German talents added five more in the second half. Much more interesting is the fact that our eastern neighbors will play against Argentina in the quarterfinals on Friday. A real, final-worthy squatter, which is a result of Germany’s previous defeat against India.

Quarter-finals, Friday

England – United States
South Africa – Netherlands
Germany – Argentina
South Korea – India

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