JWC Round-up World Cup 21 day 3: Party at India after stunt against Germans

After two big victories (9-0 and 11-0) the Dutch Juniors enjoyed a well-deserved rest day. But of course, a lot of other teams came into action on the site of the North-West University in Potchefstroom. India stunted against Germany and Argentina took the full loot again. 

Malaysia – Wales 3-3

’15 1-0 Martin
’24 1-1 Howell (sc)
’34 2-1 Zulkilfi (sc)
’38 3-1 Zulkilfi
’52 3-2 Hill
’54 3-3 Preston

Early morning sensation. Potchefstroom had barely recovered from a stormy night – showers, thunderstorms and occasional power cuts – when Malaysia and Wales provided plenty of entertainment. The Asians, swept 10-0 by Germany a day earlier, looked set to be on their way to a smooth win. Until Wales gasped in the last twenty minutes. Goals from Jessica Hill and Cerys Preston gave the British the first point of this tournament. Also Malaysia – which came into the hostile circle much more often – is from scratch, but will definitely not be satisfied with this.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 India v Germany (Pool D) Picture: India wins with 2-1 from Germany WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

India – Germany 2-1

‘2 1-0 Lalremsiami (sc)
’25 2-0 Mumtaz (sc)
’57 2-1 Bleuel

India and Germany turned it into a wonderful game in Potchefstroom on Sunday morning. Title favorite Germany, however, soon had to swallow when the Indians were immediately accurate from the first penalty corner. Things got even more painful for Germany – the side that played in the Pro League against the ‘big’ India a few weeks ago – when the Asians scored again from a corner. Germany signed just after they exchanged the keeper for an extra field player, before the connection goal, but did not come any closer. With the win, India is already certain of the quarterfinals after two wins.

Austria – Uruguay 0-1

’55 0-1 Vidal (sc)
Uruguay, which did so well in the Pan American Cup, narrowly beat Austria. The team that was called up as reserve reserve (after the cancellations of Australia, New Zealand and Belgium), almost took a run. Manuela Vidal prevented Uruguay from losing points as her side prepared for the second corner of the game. It was only five minutes before the end that the glasses position disappeared from the scoreboard.

South Korea – Argentina 0-2

‘4 0-1 Pacheco
’23 0-2 V. Raposo (sc)

Argentina had a great start against South Korea thanks to the early goal by goalkeeper Daiana Pacheco – her fourth already in Potchefstroom. After the striking corner from silver Olympian Valentina Raposo, the game was actually over after 23 minutes. Argentina therefore took the second three-pointer of this tournament, but failed to build on the score.

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