JWC Round-up World Cup 21 day 2: Germany also in double figures

On the second day of the World Cup under 21 in Potchefstroom, the Netherlands crushed opponent Canada with no less than 11-0. But Germany also reached double figures. In addition, England took – with difficulty – its second win and India started with a convincing win against Wales.

India – Wales 5-1

‘4 1-0 Lalremsiami
’26 1-1 Holme
’32 2-1 Lalrindiki
’41 3-1 Khan
’57 4-1 Larindiki (sc)
’58 5-1 Deepika (sc)
India and Wales had to be patient on Saturday to start their World Cup. The game in group D started twenty minutes later due to thunderstorms. In the pouring rain, India, coached by the Dutchman Erik Wonink, took hold of the British after the break. Thanks in part to two hits from the attacking talent Lalrindiki – a player to keep an eye on – India ran out to a nice 5-1 victory.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Germany v Malaysia (Pool D) Picture: Aina Kresken scored 3-0. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Germany – Malaysia 10-0

‘6 1-0 Kresken
’10 2-0 Kresken
’22 3-0 Kresken
’23 4-0 Stoffelsma
’40 5-0 Fleschütz (sc)
’41 6-0 Strauss
’43 7-0 Stoffelsma
’47 8-0 Bleuel
’54 9-0 Neumann
’60 10-0 Schwabe
Germany signed for the first double figures at this World Cup. That happened against Malaysia, which lost exactly 10-0. Within 22 minutes, Mannheimer HC player Aina Kresken scored personally for a 3-0 lead. After that, in keeping with the showery weather, goals continued to rain. In the last minute, Sophia Schwabe made the tenth and therefore last goal for Germany, which seems to be one of the main competitors of the Dutch Juniors in the hunt for World Cup gold.

United States – Zimbabwe 5-0

’23 1-0 De Vries
’39 2-0 Rose
’42 3-0 Rose
’48 4-0 Rose (sb)
’55 5-0 Rose (sc)
America recovered well from the earwashing against the Netherlands, a day earlier. The start against courageous but very sloppy Zimbabwe was difficult, but Team USA got going after the break. The big lady in the winning team was Hope Rose, who scored no less than four goals. The attacker, almost invisible against the Orange squad, was voted best player during the Pan-Am Cup under 21 last year and is considered a great promise.

Ireland – England 1-2

‘4 1-0 Perdue (sc)
‘9 1-1 Giglio (sb)
’43 1-2 McCabe 
In the South African rain, Ireland and England fought a neighborly dispute. It was exciting until the end, as the Irish – busy with their first game during this tournament – ​​got a few corners in the last quarter. Because they did not go in, England won its second game of this World Cup. The winner was a nice one. England striker Victoria McCabe rushed about thirty yards with the ball forward and hammered it into the Irish goal with her backhand.

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