JWC Round Up: South Korea Records Late Victory, Party at Zimbabwe

The Netherlands clapped 9-0 over poor America and is, therefore, the leader in group A. But of course, there was much more on the menu in Potchefstroom. We’ll update you on day 1 of the World Cup-21.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Korea v Uruguay (Pool C) Picture: Korea wins with 1-0 from Uruguay WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

South Africa – England 0-3

’13 0-1 MacKenzie (sc)
’45 0-2 Giglio (sb)
’56 0-3 MacKenzie (sc)
Host nation South Africa was unable to stunt against England in the opening match. The local favourites, with a number of players from the university team of Potchefstroom in the ranks, held out for more than ten minutes. After Lorna MacKenzie opened the score from a corner, South Africa lagged behind. England ran out to a carefree 3-0 after the break, thanks to a good penalty from captain Millie Giglio and another corner from MacKenzie. The match also had a Dutch touch: Lisette Beljon was one of the two referees.

Canada – Zimbabwe 1-2

‘5 0-1 Terblanche
’24 0-2 Pope
’58 1-2 Goodman
The first surprising result of this tournament took place in the group of the Dutch Juniors. Canada, which was known as the best opponent of the Netherlands in the first phase of the World Cup, lost 1-2 against Zimbabwe. The Africans screamed their lungs out after both goals. In a match with four green and four yellow cards, Canada got plenty of corners to change the score. The answer came, but too late. As a result, Zimbabwe is taking a nice step towards second place in this group. Canada, still scoreless, will be the next opponent of the Orange on Saturday.

South Korea – Uruguay 1-0

’56 1-0 Sung-Hee Jung
Uruguay – a beautiful national anthem by the way – is a team to keep an eye on in this tournament. At the Pan-Am Cup under 21, this team drew in the group stage against none other than Argentina, which is a title contender in every tournament. So expectations were high against South Korea, which won the World Cup 21 in 2001 and 2005. Long, very long, it went straight. Until Sung-Hee Jung knocked the Uruguayan defence from close range four minutes before the end. The result: a big smile and three points for South Korea and angry looks and empty hands for Uruguay.

Argentina – Austria 8-0

‘5 1-0 Pacheco (sc)
‘7 2-0 Rouger
’30 3-0 V. Raposo (sb)
’44 4-0 Pagella
’48 5-0 Bruggesser
’50 6-0 Pacheco
’55 7-0 V. Raposo (sb)
’57 8-0 Pacheco
Argentina showed themselves in the evening game. The start was fine against Austria, which is the replacement for the boycotted Russia. It was 2-0 in seven minutes. In the last fifteen minutes things went really fast and the score rose from 4-0 to 8-0. There was a leading role for Daiana Pacheco, who was good for three goals. The nineteen-year-old talent has already played two international matches for ‘the great Argentina’. Valentina Raposo also stood out with two striking penalty shots. The defender played – and did well – at the last Olympics where she finished second with Argentina.

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