Jwc: Rain of Goals During Severe Weather for Record-breaking Dutch Juniors

A match that lasted two and a half hours. Thunder. Lightning. Two rain breaks of more than fifty minutes in total. light failure. A magic goal. And a record score of 18-0

The Dutch Juniors who crushed opponent Zimbabwe in the World Cup-21 now look to South Africa in the quarterfinals.

The Dutch Juniors, today without the roasted Noor de Baat and Danique van der Veerdonk, continued a fine tournament tradition against Zimbabwe. As in the previous two World Cup matches, the title favorite opened in the first three hundred seconds. Top scorer Luna Fokke literally and figuratively took her team in tow by pushing a corner after three minutes. It was her seventh goal of this tournament. Zimbabwe managed to take that score to the first break, especially through excellent work by goalie Jenna Mathieson.

And that break lasted a little longer than expected.

Because during the first break a storm broke out in Potchefstroom, which is known as the city of the four seasons in one day.  The city doesn’t just get that nickname, as it turned out today. Heavy rain showers and – more importantly – heavy thunderclaps caused the game to be temporarily halted. The short break, which normally lasts only two minutes, resulted in a break of no less than 32 minutes. After the Dutch Juniors again did a short warm-up, the second quarter could finally begin.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Netherlands v Zimbabwe (Pool A) Picture: Weather Delay WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek

In it, the team of national coach Dave Smolenaars – indeed – went like lightning. Within thirty seconds it was 3-0 via goals from Jip Dicke and Noor Omrani. Between the two goals, only one Zimbabwean player touched the ball, the one who took it out. One goal after another fell into poor keeper Mathieson’s goal. Five minutes after that 3-0, it was 6-0 thanks to goals from Dicke, Tessa Beetsma and Maria Steensma, who had not yet scored this tournament.

Six minutes later it was 9-0, thanks to Dicke twice – a backhand and a drag – and in between a corner from Fokke, who also hit a corner. After those eight goals in the second quarter, it again turned out to be a bummer for the Netherlands. Exactly 23 seconds after the break, the game was stopped again due to thunderstorms.

According to protocol, hockey was not allowed for twenty minutes. But enough happened. Zimbabwe kept itself warm by singing and dancing. And, even better, Orange joined in. Result: both teams were hopping together in the dug-outs during the second rain break. A beautiful sight, in the pouring rain.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Netherlands v Zimbabwe (Pool A) Picture: Netherlands team rain delay WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Steensma shines after the second rainbreak

When the race was resumed, the Netherlands again burst out of the (re)starting blocks. Within four minutes the score rose to 13-0 thanks to Josephine Murray, Steensma, Kiki Rozemeijer and Noor Omrani. Steensma’s goal really deserves some extra attention. It is most likely the best goal scored this tournament. Yes, already. Pinoké’s attacker tapped the ball high over herself, with her back to the goal. It was like opening an umbrella. An absolute piece of art.

As if the match wasn’t bizarre enough, fifteen minutes before the end the electricity also went out on the tournament complex, causing the lights to go out as well. When all fuses were back in place, the Netherlands increased the score for the last time. Steensma and Omrani both made their third of the afternoon, resulting in a 16-0 score. Mette Winter and Dicke signed for 17-0 and 18-0 moments later. That marked an improvement on the World Cup-21 scoring record, which stood at 16-0. That was established in 1989 by the Dutch Juniors against, strikingly, Zimbabwe. The current team manager Wietske de Ruiter scored eleven goals in that match.

With this special day as baggage, Jong Oranje will have three rest days. The next hurdle will not be taken until Friday: host country South Africa awaits in the quarterfinals.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Netherlands v Zimbabwe (Pool A) Picture: Jip Dicke WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Netherlands – Zimbabwe 18-0 (9-0)
3. Luna Fokke (sc) 1-0
16. Jip Dicke 2-0
16. Noor Omrani 3-0
18. Jip Dicke 4-0
19. Tessa Beetsma 5-0
23 Maria Steensma (sc) 6-0
24. Jip Dicke 7-0
26. Luna Fokke (sc) 8-0
29. Jip Dicke (sc) 9-0
32. Josephine Murray (sc) 10-0
33. Maria Steensma 11-0
34. Kiki Rozemeijer (sc) 12-0
34. Noor Omrani 13-0
41. Josephine Murray (sc) 14-0
52. Maria Steensma 15-0
52. Noor Omrani 16-0
58. Mette Winter 17- 0
60. Jip Dicke 18-0

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